Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shower from the Heart for Kenzie!

It's time for a viritual shower! Kenzie's momma has worked so hard to get her girl & thought they were fully funded til they discovered that their 3rd trip may or may not be waived which means they are not fully funded. Kenzie has a heart condition & needs to come home to her forever family! So what better way than to hold a viritual shower to help Kenzie come home! Heres how this works.
Their are different things you can give at this shower! Everytime a  category box is filled you get to choose a party favor! 

Here's some of the prizes up for grabs!
                                   $5 Starbucks Gift Card
Liz Clairborne Passport wallet & luggage tag
Bow Holder filled with Bows by precious Kenzies mama!
                                Finished Product may vary 
So choose something & leave a comment of what your getting, go donate that amount to her grant here
then forward your receipt to
Thanks for attending Kenzies shower! 


Young Christian Woman said...

I donated on Thursday by check. I don't know when it would be registered... it's okay if I can't be entered, but if I can I'd like that :)

I'll put it toward food.

Young Christian Woman said...

Sorry, should have left my name--this is Jessica Cooper.

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

how awful to think you are fully funded then find out you are not! We all know how hard fundraising is when the need is big and the circle of people who care is so small! thank you so much for linkingxxxx

melcallan said...

$15.00 to help out with food for the trip...much love and blessings!

Kalesha said...

$10 to help out wherever needed.