Monday, November 4, 2013

Angel Tree 2013|Reeces Rainbow

It's beginning to look like ANGEL TREE time!!!
So what is Angel Tree?

Running from November 1-December 31 each year, the Christmas Angel Tree is Reece's Rainbow most important fundraiser.

In only seven years, more than 1200+ children with Down syndrome and other special needs have found their “forever families”. The vast majority of this funding comes from our Angel Tree Project each year!

I have had the pleasure of being an Angel Tree warrior for the past 3 years & excitedly I am pleased to be warrior to these two precious boys! 
Haisten who has no photo.
What does a Christmas warrior do?
A Christmas warriors goal is to raise their child/childrens grant by $1,000 from Nov 1-Dec 31 but most importantly to raise awareness of the child/children to find families.
In the past, they ask you to stick with just one child to be a warrior to but this year they had so many kids included/added & towards the end their were kids without warriors so they said we can double up & thankfully they all have warriors now!
So crazy me, I was originally not going to do Angel Tree at all then I could not stand the thought of a girl who is about to age out who did not have a warrior but thankfully she got one so then I went back & just could not decide. Finally it was down to 5 left, all with no photos & it made me sad thinking why no one chose them. I took that huge leap of faith & still kinda freaking out how in the world I was going to fundraise $1,000 now I need to fundraise that for two! But, I'm trusting God will provide!
I have some fundraisers currently going & about to start a few more if you would like to support them:
Do you love coffee or know someone that does? With the Holidays fastly approaching you will need a gift & it supports an orphan! Part of the proceeds will go towards Joshuas Angel Tree goal!
So go order here at Joyful Joshua shop
Do you see the My Memories Software button on the right? How about the code right below it?
Every time someone purchases the software using that promo code they get $10 off & I get $20 in my paypal. Right now the software is $25.98 which is 35% off the original price! I have done many projects with the software including these:

So go order it here & be sure to use the promo code STMMMS49256 at checkout!
You can also go find their names here to donate.
Donations of $35 or more will receive an ornament with their photo on it. For Haisten you can still request an ornament for your donation of $35 or more but no photo will be on it.
For Joshua, his new photo will probably not be on his but you will still get his adorable baby one
So you know $5 of your donation of $35 or more goes to the cost of the ornament, & 10% gets taken out for paypal fees. If you would like to help them avoid paypal fees you can always send a check:
Reece's Rainbow
PO Box 4024
Gaithersburg, MD 20885
Just make sure you note in the subject line it's for Joshua and/or Haisten
My friend who has adopted through RR has graciously decided to help me out with hosting this fundraiser for both boys.
My thirty one is a awesome faith based company that sells organizational personalized bags of all shapes & sizes! 
Right now they have an awesome deal going for every $35 you spend you can get the medium utility tote for just $7! 
To order go here 50% of the sales will go towards Haisten & Joshuas grants!

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