Friday, July 18, 2014

Family is More than Blood:Ray family

 If your new to my blog, this is a series I just started on adoptive families. Each Friday I will feature One family who has adopted & One who is adopting currently. Some weeks I may combine the two if the family is adopting & has adopted then I will just do that family on that Friday. Today's featured family is the Ray family. To learn more about the Ray family you can visit their page. They are in the midst of their 2nd adoption & If you even have just $5 to spare every little bit helps! here

What Brought you to adopt?
We felt led to Micah instantly when we saw his picture on Reece's Rainbow in November 2010. We prayed about it & committed to him 3 days later. We had never seriously considered adoption before seeing his picture.

How has your life changed since bringing home your child?
Life has gotten more exciting! Micah is full of life & curiosity. We have learned how to work in the special Ed system, be successful in IEPs, and fight for everything he needs to succeed in life.

How has your child changed since coming home?
Micah has changed in every way. He has tripled in size in 3 years. He has learned ASL and is very communicative now. He asserts his desires and wishes where he never had a "voice" to do so before. He is more loving. He "plays" with toys and is able manipulate things to do what he wants them to do. He can sit still longer and focus on tasks. He responds appropriately. He shows true LOVE to his family & friends. He is not as afraid of heights like before (he will jump on the trampoline & swing high on the swings & climb up a ladder & slide down the slide). He was too scared to do those things before. He has a light in his eyes & smile that never go away.

Whats the Hardest part of life after bringing home your child?
Trying to communicate with a little man who doesn't speak. We've had to learn each other well enough to get our points across & know when he understands us. He's made huge strides, but at 6 years old, he still is only signing 99% of the time. 

How is the 2nd adoption process compared to the first?
The 2nd process is so much easier. We know what to expect, we are more relaxed & not as stressed. We saw God control the first process & know He's in control of the 2nd, so we just give it all to him. 

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