Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Letter to my Mama

Dear Mama, I know you are out there somewhere perhaps you might not be thinking of adopting me. Maybe your dreams are a bit different? Or you think adopting is for other people, My needs are too challenging, could I do this? 

You could be on the other side too,
Praying for me, pouring your heart out to God that perhaps I might be the son you are waiting for.

Let me tell you something,
I'm worth the time,
The energy,
And the Cost to add me as your son. 
You don't need to give me everything.
I don't care about lots of toys or fancy things because all I need is you.

I need to be cuddled, 
I need to laugh with you,
I need to show my emotions,
I need to experience life outside my crib,
I need for you to show me LOVE.
So PLEASE SEE ME!! Love Otto

Friends, on this weekend won't you please share Otto so that his forever family will find him?
My awesome friend has this giveaway going 
that Otto & 4 other children will benefit from. Have I mentioned truly how awesome the prizes are? These are just a few to see all check out her Giveaway here
I mean come on who wouldn't want to go on a cruise for two?
                                                              And one of my favorite prizes a pick a child or family to donate to on Reece's Rainbow :) 

It's not just about the prizes but helping kids get adopted is the best prize of it all. GIVEAWAY ENDS MONDAY!!! EVERY LITTLE BIT MAKES A DIFFERENCE, PLEASE SHARE, DONATE & PRAY!!!

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