Monday, August 7, 2017

Renewed, Refreshed, Restored-The Reunion Part 1

Renewed, Refreshed, Restored
It's my happy place
The One I countdown the days til every year
Friends, I will be honest advocating can be just as tiring as adopting. I'm always feeling so worn out but after each Reece's Rainbow reunion I come back with renewed energy!
Because reuniting with friends you met before is WORTH IT
Because who wouldn't want to take selfie with a cutie?
Because seeing a former orphan that you played a part in their story smiling & having fun.
Because you treasure a moment with that child you helped & it reminds you that all the work you did was so WORTH IT.
You see all the beautiful treasures, some once neglected, unvalued, not loved & your heart remembers why you started advocating in the 1st place.
You might almost burst into tears seeing a special moment unfold between the founder of Reece's Rainbow meeting the 3rd child that came home through Reece's Rainbow 10 years ago.
You say aww everytime someone is taking a photo.
Your heart bursts everytime you hold a cute baby & yet you secretly wish you could take them with you. 
You make sure to show love & care & let every single child know they matter. 
You might be silly & go with the flow on the Jumping Pillow with your friend even if it is super hot outside.
You probably should take pictures of the chocolate wrestling fun
Because why not have movie nights?

Yogi Bear or as you have now nicknamed him "Jogi Bear" thanks to your friend & whoever the staff was on the Hayride.
Because Life is too short & why not be silly with new friends?
You think your friend is a genius recrafting this lemonade holder
You practically live at the pool everyday because why not?
Because we all like to have fun even "Super Lu" who represents an awesome person who lives across the ocean who can't come to the reunion.
And meeting new friends ones you have come to know so well. The Reece's Rainbow reunion always comes & goes by so quickly but yet I come away feeling renewed in my advocating for orphans & looking for new ways to further help the least of these. 

How did I come away feeling so refreshed & what is my next mission?
You will have to wait for Part 2 coming soon.

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dramaqueen said...

If only there were more people like you advocating in this world, more with your pure heart to understand the urgent need to fight for these forgotten children & more to remind everyone just how remarkable it is to be involved in SAVING A LIFE! May God bless you and your efforts!