Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heart FULL of Love Giveaway date

I think I have come up with a plan for the giveaway, I have decided to start it hopefully February 23rd & end it on March 22nd world national down syndrome day? what do you all think? Is almost 4 weeks too long or do you think it gives more people a chance to find out about it? I have had 1 person step forward for a prize donated for Celine so I will most likely have that seperate so the funds go just for her for that prize. Please contact me if you have a prize to donate for the giveaway. Except the prize for Celine, it will be held as one BIG giveaway like Pattis Pure Love Giveaway. The Miller family adopting Quinton, Celine, & Cora Lynne will all benefit! The Goal is to get them full grants! I know $20,000 is alot but NOTHINGS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!! The HIGHER, the grant, =a better chance at the girls finding families & for Quinton to get home faster! Thanks I appreciate it!

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