Tuesday, February 22, 2011


$13,738 is ONE BIG NUMBER! Thats the remaining funds needed to help bring Quinton home! Please consider donating to his grant fund, their is a box added at the right that goes straight into his grant fund. Donations through Reeces Rainbow are tax deductible. I am hoping to have a yard sale to benefit all 3 of them soon but for now I am doing all I can to fundraise to help my special buddy come home to his Forever Family!


Carol Miller said...

Leah, do you know how to get pictures into the fundraising boxes? I am technologically challenged. Thanks for advocating for Quinton and those beautiful girls. Somebody has to scoop them up soon-they are too cute for words.

Leah said...

no i do not sorry i could not help. I have not gotten a chance to do more with my blog.