Monday, May 9, 2011

Keep it coming its day 9!

Wow I have blogged for 9 days now, As you can tell my blog posts are lacking. The thing is since I have not been to the orphanage where Cora Lynne are at I have no idea what she is like. If anyone has been to Cora Lynnes orphanage & knows more about her please comment. As soon as the consignment sale is over, I will be planning Garage Sale/bake sale Extravaganza & include a recycle campaign for Reeces Rainbow locally. I will also be making & selling things on etsy soon such as furry flipflops. I want Cora Lynne to find her forever family so keep spreading the word! Dear Lord, Please keep Cora Lynne safe as she waits on her forever family to find her. Let her come home by her next birthday. amen

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