Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Greatful Heart

The 1st attempt at a Giveaway I wanted to do months ago was shot down, I had a few people who said they would help but nothing came out of it. Now with a greatful heart & a lot of love for one sweet girl who has touched my heart who desperately needs a family I reached out to ask once again for help and the response has been so kindly. I want to first of all thank all of you who have offered prizes, otherwise I could have not gotten to do this at all. I have no funds to get a ipad, a kindle, or other high end electronic but I can make things & I have a whole lot of friends through Reeces Rainbow who I have never met that without this organization I would never have the pleasure of knowing.
Next I want to make it Clear about Celines grant,
Once any child turns 6 yrs old their fund goes into an older girls fund. Each fund is specifically for each special need so in this case Celines would be moved into the Down Syndrome(ds) older girls fund. Once it goes there, it automatically goes to the next child adopted from that page of girls ages 6+ so she could still get her grant but she might not. That is exactally why I am doing so many fundraisers right now for her & not for Cora Lynne. I still care for Cora Lynne, but right now my main focus is on Celine getting a family. Come May when Cora Lynne is turning 6, I will be doing the same I am now for Celine. I want to get her a full grant so she has the best chance at finding a family & that she finds them before January 2012 (she gets sorta an extention as thats when the 5/5/5 funds from her grant will be moved). Also it seems not to many people adopt the older the child so once she turns 6, its likely to lower her chances of being adopted. Her Birthday is sometime in October which is when she will turn 6.
I want to make this the BIGGEST, & hopefully sucessful fundraiser I can do for the girl in my heart who if I was married & old enough I would be racing against time to go get her! If for some reason she "loses" her grant after January, I will be saving up funds for any family who wants to adopt her & know that I will help the best I can to fundraise for them! If any of you feel lead to donate a prize let me know soon. You will need to ship it directly to the winner. (unless you have already told me you would ship the prize to me)I can ship some prizes as long as their small, but with the price of shipping if you can ship it directly that would help me out in the long run! Let me know if thats a problem or not. So far we have raised $31.15 in our change campaign for Celine, feel free to start your own jar if you want to! Please, don't feel bad for saying no to donate or to do the change campaign. Come join us on facebook!/event.php?eid=128352523924824. Prayers are always appreciated!

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