Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Warriors Heart

Yesterday my heart was broken for 2 little girls in a far away land, one who has her family there & another looks like she will have a family. You want to know why? This is why I do what I do. This is Katerina with her Mom. It makes me sick but their is hope still in her.

Its the Truth, these are REAL kids, in REAL orphanages.
Heres Liliana who is 11, YES SHE IS THAT OLD & SADLY WEIGHS 10 POUNDS. She is being commited to soon.

I am still heartbroken for them but glad their still may be hope for them! Please continue to pray for them! Its with my Warriors heart, that I Thank You for all you do & continue to do to support my efforts for both of the girls! I am writing from my heart, As a warrior (or anyone!) to a Reeces Rainbow child no person ever wants to see the words I HAVE BEEN TRANSFERED or any photo like those above. So its from my heart that I ask you to please pray for the girls health & safety. Please don't feel presured into donating a prize for Celines Shoot for the Stars Giveaway, but know that I am very thankful to those who do & those who are praying for it to be a success! I really want the giveaway to be a success first of all, & if possible BIG but I will leave that up to God. This one warrior who will do ANYTHING possible to help fundraise for Celine or Cora Lynne to come home to loving families! Please spread the word about my blog, our facebook fan page For the Love of Celine & Cora Lynne, share their links on fb, & PRAY FOR THEM TO FIND FAMILIES! They have been waiting so LONG. If you are thinking about adopting on Reeces Rainbow, consider one of these girls! Celine has a pretty good size grant (plus me fundraising!) but only for so long before she would get moved to the older girls page. She has a $5,327.80 grant! To me thats HUGE! The goal for the Giveaway is so that maybe the financial barrier can be taken away, which means to raise a FULL grant. In her Country, I have heard is VERY HIGH COST, POSSIBLY $48,000. How could we ever raise that amount? No clue, but NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD! For Cora Lynne, she has $2,148.70 grant so not as much as Celine but every little bit helps plus a warrior who will gladly fundraise for her too!


Rochelle said...

Praying for your giveaway, Leah! I tried out the Samaritan Card, and you get the savings from online; not with the card. Not sure still, but will continue to try it out. I don't want to offer something that doesn't work out! Keep up the great blogging! :)

Leah said...

Thanks Rochelle!