Monday, April 23, 2012

Praises to God!

I don't think I ever gave an update about a praise that happened the other day. I can't reveal too much yet since I know my team Celine probably are reading this, but I can tell you the other day I recieved an facebook message from someone who loves Celine like I do & wishes she could be theirs but she can't. The Good news is I knew this person had said they would be fundraising so I kept hoping to hear an update well, she had sent me a message asking how to address the check so to make sure it gets to her grant. The amount she told me just blew me away!! I had never gotten close to raising that much & when both checks (mine & hers) arrive & I reveal the totals made from her fundraiser & mine you will know GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES when you least expect him too. It blew my mind how a simple "task" taken on by this person could raise that much & I have tears running down my cheeks as I write this miracle that happened. We have become such a family, that dearly wants whats best for Celine. To Celines family, whomever that might be know that you will have a host of support 100% to help bring her home. Lord we thank you that you have continued to provide for Celine & have turned $3,033.00 to over $8,000. Please continue to raise up the funds needed for her to come home to a loving family. I ask that you reopen Region 2, that you may fling the doors open to make the process faster for the families & for the kids who don't have families. Amen!
Another praise I would like to share is we raised around $47 plus some from the Auction I did for Brandi! Its not much but praise God as I was getting tired of seeing her grant stuck at $10! Little by little I pray her grant will get to $1,000.
Its been very hard trying to figure out if I should write everyday or every few days as I keep getting stuck on how best to share whats on my heart & how to advocate for these orphans when I feel like I am on repeat all the time. I know I have improved & will continue to as I try to get my thoughts into words & let God lead to what I should write about. Already I am debating whether or not to do another Giveaway in a few months as this past time was crazy insane, but I really want to repay some of the families who have willingly blessed me in ways more than words could describe. My Reeces Rainbow family has meant so much to me & I don't know what life would be like had I not come across this wonderful ministry. I may not meet all of them in real life on this side of heaven but I know that all this family has been so much to me through the ups & downs through life & this crazy world of advocating & fundraising. Love you my friends! You all mean the world to me! Please continue to pray for me in the Good times & the bad times! That I will be able to minister to New people through my blog so that others will know the plight of special needs orphans & about Reeces Rainbow. Pray I can share my testimony/story so that other parents faced with a prenatal diagnose of Down Syndrome who have a child without special needs that siblings won't feel burdened & that they can choose Life. Thanks so much for reading my blog. I may not be the best writer or have the coolest looking blog or write every single day or have lots of pictures (cause I don't think my pictures would be of any interest to you cause I am not an adoptive family) but I do Love & care for these kids as if they were my siblings or my own kids.


Anonymous said...

Whoa!! Not at a loss of words on this post! Good job, Leah! How wonderful to hear that someone is putting large amts. of donations into Celine's fund! Wish I could do so much more...very frustrating, but the Lord will allow me to do what I can, with the time that I have. :) HUGS!

Rochelle <3

Stephanie said...

I love your a parent of children with 2 DS and 2 typical children..I can't help but pray that they will one day have the heart that you do for these children.


Leah said...

aww thanks Stephanie!

Leah said...

Thanks Rochelle! You have done what you can, sometimes I wish I could do more too.