Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Special Needs & the world of modern tecnology

See this? The Ipad2.
Tecnology has come so far to improve the therapies & lifes of people with special needs. I have heard so many say how helpful its been to their child with special needs. So pleased that my sister now has one & am very excited to see what she will be able to accomplish with this device & interacting with the world. Most of all I hope this will help her communitcation skills with mainly the others around her. Sarah does talk but its hard for her to talk with people who don't know her very well. So for you parents who use the Ipad to communicate whats the best voice apps out there? Preferably free ones. what do you like about having an ipad & have you noticed the difference in your child since starting to use it? Sarah is 24 & is different from most people with down syndrome. Tell me your thoughts on what you think about ipads & modern tecnology helping people with special needs?

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