Thursday, May 9, 2013

Letter to my daughters of my heart|Reeces Rainbow

Dear daughters of my Heart, 
Though you don't know how badly I want to hold you in my arms & say everything is going to be okay I want you to know Jesus loves you. I pray everyday for things to change in your country. From the moment I saw your pictures I loved you from afar.

I knew already I could never be your real mama but I knew especially when the doors of your country closed that I was your Heart mama & it felt like I was missing a huge part of me. My heart shredded to pieces dealing with issues of yes, Jealousy, anger, & loss. It felt like I lost a child or dear loved one. The day your grants were transferred to other kids as much as I was happy to be giving to the other girls I have advocated for it hurt knowing you might never be adopted & all God had done through both your grants. Mothers day is this Sunday & though I am not a mother yet I will be thinking of my precious girls who are without a Mommy & all the orphans stuck in that country. Girls, this momma is doing everything she can do to fight for your right to your forever mommas & praying without end for God's Plan in your lives. Even if it's never to be in a family know someone on the other side of the world loves you & even more God Loves You so much. If I never meet you this side of Heaven I look forward to the day when I see you in Heaven. I have gone through the emotional ride & at peace most days but though I still struggle God's got me & he knows the plans for me & for "my" girls. Love you girls so much & I will always think of you as my little girls. Your forever Heart Momma

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