Sunday, November 1, 2015

Take a deep breath & here we go off to Angel Tree 2015

Sometimes you just need a day to take a breath & remember to not worry & just pray. Friday I was feeling discouraged & frustrated by various attempts to help my Angel tree kids. All on Halloween I barely spent anytime on Facebook & if I did I was just browsing cause I didn't want to miss the adorable pictures people posted. I didn't post anything about orphans, I didn't stress or worry about selling stuff to raise funds for my Angel Tree kids. 
As I head into another Angel Tree, after a painful October filled with bittersweet memories of happy memories of one of my girls who got to be my Angel Tree child at one point. I reflect on the baby steps it took to get her to where she was before the adoption ban & how many ups & downs their were. Even with it breaking my heart would I do it again? Absolutely! So even though it's crazy & impossible, & even if I'm just advocating & don't raise any funds I still can raise awareness of two orphans in need of families. 
I'm going to try to do an update daily/weekly of their grant progress, fundraisers I'm doing & a reminder to be praying for them both. Since I'm starting this off fresh on a positive note Miss Sasha will be getting a great start to her grant. As most of my friends are aware back in middle of September I took a bunch of stuff to the kids consignment sale.
I kept the total pretty much a secret from everyone but now I'm announcing it, well just the part of it I'm putting towards Sashas Angel Tree goal...
$222.18! The real total shall remain kept between those I have shared it with but do know it's all gone to a worthy cause & that the sale went very well. 
So what about this guy? What am I to do for him? I have $33 from selling stuff thus far plus I'm saving change for them both.
FEEL FREE TO SAVE TOO! EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS! Dear God, please find Ryan & Sasha families. Amen.

Praying this is the last year I'm her warrior so that she finds a family! So here we go off to Angel Tree 2015!
We are also doing a Christmas/Gift Auction on Facebook starting next week so stay tune! If you have anything you can donate please email me at

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