Monday, November 28, 2011


Today I am blogging my heart out yet again. The sad truth is this is Cora Lynnes last year on the angel tree. Why is it sad? Because if she has no family by next christmas, she would have gone 2 years without a family & will not be included on the Angel Tree as she will be 6 years old in May. 6 years of her life, lost from a life a family can bring. I know every little bit helps, but still its hard knowing these girls could have already been transfered or are about to be transfered to institutions. She justs sits there lost, wondering when her day might come? It hurts my heart that she has already waited a year & still no family. I know lots of people are fundraising right now & I am not complaining as God has done mighty things already for both girls but still. I am completely lost for words to describe my feelings. Lost, just like these girls. I wonder where the light at the end of the tunnel is? I can't really do a Giveaway again as I want to give my small amount of readers a rest & their is just SO MANY going on right now it would be too hard to do one. I am very thankful my friend Christina Scott managed to get us some dates to wrap gifts at Barnes and Noble, which has already brought $42.50 for Cora Lynne so far & I am sure as Christmas gets closer it will get busier but still I wonder what else more I can do but try? I made $18 in half of my babysitting profits for her too. She is still $356.50 away from her goal, & I am happy for the other kids that have surpassed their goal but I wonder when it will be Cora Lynnes turn? why does it have to be so hard? I trust in Gods timing, but I wonder why I can't do more? I don't want this precious girl to be lost. Lost, in a world that does not treasure her with her extra gift. when will she be the lost get found in this world? Lost in a orphanage in another country. Lost from a loving family. who will love her? Lost from not knowing Jesus Loves her for who she is. who will rescue her?

Her eyes look so haunting to me, lost from happiness. I don't know if she was just not in a good mood while her picture was taken or what but don't let the picture of her scare you. She is just a lost treasure waiting to be found for who she truely is!
Right as I hit publish, I look at the donation box to the right to see $100 has been added in the past hour or so! Thank you whoever you are! Gods timing for sure!


Julia said...

Okay - She may be LOST in EE but she is NOT LOST. You have shouted and yelled and hollered and GOD IS LISTENING. I know you are discouraged but GOD IS LISTENING. I want you to know that Cora Lynne WAS on my list. I ache for your little girl. I know she is close to transfer. I know she is aging out next year. Oh My Heart hurt to glean her off. To let GOD do the choosing. But I was soothed in my spirit when I took her off to know that she has a WONDERFUL ADVOCATE who has been pounding on heaven's gates for her and THAT GAVE ME PEACE. You just wait my friend.... when Cora Lynne gets a family you are going to be screaming and shouting and it will be because YOU yelled.

Leah said...

thanks Julia for the encouragement! I was not trying to make you feel bad for not including her, truely I am greatful for those that you did choose. I just was getting my thoughts out after only having 1 local fundraiser being a slow success but I know it will pick up closer to christmas I am praying. It helped when I saw right as I hit publish her grant jumped $100 within the past few hours before I even published this. Please know your blog is hugely impacting in what I do for these girls!

Elisabeth said...

She looks so determined in this picture! I just ordered an Ornament from the angel tree with her picture on it. Thank you for advocating for her.

Leah said...

Thanks Elisabeth! It means so much to me!