Thursday, November 17, 2011

Precious Meeting

Okay so I am finally getting around to post about Meeting Mackenzie for the 1st time! Julia Nalle's post inspired me to get around to posting this one so here it goes. So most of you know I helped fundraise for Mackenzie known as "Lydiah" on Reece's Rainbow back in June by doing a Yard Sale for her family, the Mickschls as well as the Millers. I first found out about their family when I followed their journey as they adopted her brother, John David known as "Liam" on Reece's Rainbow. A few months or weeks after they got home with him, I get an email from Hansina asking for fundraising advice since she had seen my posts on my blog & saying they were thinking about commiting to her. I was so excited when she told me they had commited & I was so anxious to finally meet a RR family! (I think I might have met Sofia before) So as you recall I got to meet Hansina, John David, & Morgan back in May at the Chickfila fundraiser for Mackenzie. We spent much time as she shared about their 1st adoption, their adoption of JD, about how they saw Mackenzie while they were in JDs orphanage,etc. I felt so connected after we met that I knew I had to help in some way. So, I had a Yard Sale & it was a success! I was so thankful that God helped me to be able to help in a small way. Well I would have been at the airport when she came home in July but I was out of town so I waited. The day I awaited was finally here, it was a little crazy as I was leading the table for Reece's Rainbow at our Step up for Down Syndrome walk but I still was so excited to finally get to meet the 1st of the kids I had helped. I managed not to get emotional but I have no clue if I can keep myself from crying when I get to meet Quinton. The moment came, Hansina pushing the stroller by the table then I saw her. It gave me shivers as I thought is this real? Am I finally meeting this little girl I helped in a small way? I did not want to rush this as she had not been out much since getting home so she can adjust so I stood back a slight bit from the stroller. While my Mom, Hansina, & Christina kept snapping pictures I just reflected at this marvelous girl. She kept staring at me in awe like she knew who I was even before we had met.

Do you see the connection in our eyes? Mackenzie is probably thinking who is this person staring at me? Not, in a rude way but a loving in awe stare of is this really real?

Holding her was even more sureal, I felt I was on top of the world knowing how long I waited & that had she not been adopted she surely could have ended up in a institution. How in the world could her country not appreciate her for who she is?

Meeting Mackenzie makes this fight worth it. Cora Lynne & Celine both deserve what Mackenzie has, a family in a country that do not frown upon people with special needs & treat them with respect.

As in Julia's words, I will keep hollering just like I did for Quinton & meeting these kids you rethink that what you do DOES MAKES A DIFFERENCE BIG OR SMALL!! I will keep the fight for these girls until they have families then I will choose another child & another til THEIR IS NO MORE ORPHANS IN THIS WORLD!!! So whether you are a orphan warrior, prayer warrior, christmas warrior, or in the middle of adopting DON'T GIVE UP!!! Be encouraged, even when fundraising is slow, even if the paperwork is a hassle, even when you want to just give it up, cause God will help you through!


Christina Scott said...

Leah....that post was incredible!

Katrina said...

So glad you got to meet her. And your "yelling" does make a difference. People are listening :) Can't wait to get Carlene home and know that someday you will get to meet her too. Keep up the good hard work you do everyday for these sweet little children of God.

Carlene's soon to be momma :)

Leah said...
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Sarah said...

She's Beautiful! So happy you got to meet her!! :)