Thursday, December 15, 2011

Auction CLOSED!

No more bids will be accepted tonight will add up totals & send messages to those as soon as I can. I applogize if any of my items don't get their in time for christmas but I will do my best while in the midst of moving! Donors who are shipping I will contact you shortly, some of the bids came from my awesome UK friend who says she will gladly pay for shipping so I will put you in touch & you can figure out details. Thanks for Participating! Even though we did not get to the goal its okay as I have 1 date left to gift wrap & I know God will provide the remaining $26.50! Thanks to you all $111 has been raised towards Cora Lynnes future family! Thanks for being her chance to shine! If you did not win contact me anyway as you all are a part of Cora Lynne's Christmas & I want her forever family to have that memory of you all who love & care for her.

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