Monday, December 26, 2011

Great news for Reece's Rainbow!

Today Reece's Rainbow was featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer with the story of Mia Cox & her familys journey to get her. The best news to hear is the WEBSITE IS BEING CRAMMED WITH NEW TRAFFIC!! Andrea posted this to her facebook:
I may need a Mountain Dew so I can stay up late tonight and respond to new inquiries. Anxiously waiting for the aired segment to show up on YouTube (or the ABC website). For our current advocates: please help us by NOT visiting the RR website, we are being overloaded by new hits from the news program, so stay off for a while! lol
I think this day will go down in record history for Reece's Rainbow!!! Praying this brings exposure to the girls & that maybe their families might find them!
Incase you missed it go to the link
Oh & if you try to donate to the box to the right thats also down due to all the traffic to their website but still go to the angel tree page or RR website directly to donate!

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