Monday, December 12, 2011

No words

No words can ever compare to the love you have shared for this sweet girl!

Because you care for a little girl very far away she only has left to raise
$111.50 towards her angel tree goal!
I want to share all who have been a part of Cora Lynnes Christmas to whoever her future family might be! All who have bidded on Cora Lynnes auction will be included in paper presents for Cora Lynne for a Scrapbook I plan to make for her because whether or not you win on the items you bid on you have made the world to 1 sweet girl! So when I announce the winners Wednesday if you did not win please get a hold of me as I want to include your name/state in Cora Lynnes book.
Hang on sweet girl! We love you & all want to see you in a loving family! As I said No words can describe the love that a family can bring for her & the love you have showered her with! FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY HEART I THANK YOU!!! I want this to be her last christmas without a family & if I had all the money in the world I would fund her adoption but I don't so right now I can pray she gets the funds. My best gifts I could ask for is #1 she has a family & #2 she is fully funded! That would mean so much more than all the gifts I could ever get!

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