Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daughters of my Heart

My daughters of my Heart, cause truely thats what they are since I am too young to adopt them & about the time I am old enough it might be too late for these girls. I know many have taken intrest in Celine (which is good!) but then I wonder why no one has taken intrest in Cora Lynne? Is it her picture? is it the grant size? is it qualifying for her region? Why do they still wait? Everynight I pray for them, blowing kisses at their angel tree ornaments wishing them goodnight & I love yous. I would race to the moon & back to be able to see them on my family page or meeting their family for the 1st time, or meeting them myself. Please keep spreading the word about these girls!! Pray for Celines country that it shall reopen soon & that even if its slow right now that it won't stop a family from commiting to her! I am doing the best I can right now to fundraise for both girls so let that not stop you from commiting either! Pray for the fundraisers currently going & future ones for Celine & Cora Lynne. Scentsy fundraiser ends today for Celine so check it out on the fundraiser tab or look for the old post on it!! WE HAVE RAISED ALMOST $100 ALREADY THROUGH THE CARRINGTON NECKLACE FUNDRAISER BY JOYBELLEJEWELRY ETSY SHOP!! MY PERSONAL GOAL IS TO AT LEAST SELL ENOUGH NECKLACES FOR BOTH GIRLS TO HAVE $100 EACH WHICH MEANS ONLY ABOUT 5-6 MORE SALES TO GO! ENDS MARCH 15TH!! PLEASE CHECK THAT OUT AS WELL by the tab or old post!!
For my post today, I would like to see how many of you are reading this blog so if you are a lurker & have never left a comment please post with who you are, how did you find my blog, & what you enjoy most about the blog.

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