Saturday, February 18, 2012

A heart that breaks

Somedays I wonder what it's like to feel unwanted, not loved, not one person cares for you. It's a sad reality orphans face. I wonder what the girls are feeling, wondering if their feeling. Will someone ever love me? It's been almost 2 years since I first fell in love with a girl named Celine with a smile as big as the moon. You have been waiting for so long. For Cora Lynne has not much information, not the best picture has been listed since December 2010. For you see I wonder why have they not been chosen? Surely its not cause of a bad picture or age or grant size right? Sadly this is why so many still wait. What can I do? I can't adopt but I CAN support adoptive families & orphans. Many orphans wait, what can we do?? We can adopt, pray, advocate, donate to a waiting childs fund. I have prayed for many kids, but mainly have continued to pray that Heath, Celine, & Cora Lynne find families. Cora Lynne will turn 6 in May, I have no idea if she too has been transferred or if she has been sent to a place worse or about the same as the Institution Celine is at. My heart aches, at the thought of many of the older kids go unnoticed, unloved, not cared for & not chosen just cause they are older. Older kids need families too! Yes I know it may be hard to take on a 6 yr old or a 16 yr old but not all life is easy & they need a family to love them too! They can too be a blessing! If my sister was in a institution now their would be no chance for her as she is 24. Plenty of families can tell you whats it like adopting an older child. It may not be easy all the time but don't let the unknowns & what ifs scare you from pursuing an older child. Here's some kids who need families, all older, some with LARGE GRANTS, some with small grants, TRANSFERRED TO INSTITUTIONS, BUT NONE THE LESS ALL NEED A FAMILY TO LOVE & CALL THEM THEIR OWN.
Celine, 6 years old Transferred thankfully to a good place. Grant of over $8,000 & still growing with the help of a awesome team of people who love her & would help with any fundraising needed!! Her adoption will likely cost up to $40,000 or more

Cora Lynne
, almost 6 years old. Grant of over $4,000

Heath, 10 years old IN A INSTITUTION & NEEDS TO GET OUT OF THERE!! Over $3,500 grant!!

Masha 8 years old, HAS BEEN IN A INSTITUTION FOR QUITE A WHILE, & is a sweetheart at least from her 15 second debut on abc world news with dianne sawyer. More than $600 grant

This is Bernadette, SHE IS 15 YEARS OLD & NEEDS A FAMILY BY NOVEMBER OR SHE CAN NO LONGER BE ADOPTED!! I can't imagine, being almost 16 & never knowing of a love a family can bring.

Jack, 11 years old asking for a family. That certainly breaks my heart. Some of what his profile says: He asks mature questions, and his voice breaks in tears when he asked a family why they had come for a younger child and not for him? He asked "what do I need to do for a Mom to come? Do you know where she is? Is she looking for me?"

Last of all is Alden, my prayer warrior child. 6 years old & hardly any information on him which sadly means until they get information on him he can't get a grant fund. But you know what I am sure their might be a family out there for him that would take the risk so more information might be found.

Older kids CAN HAVE A BRIGHT FUTURE if they find families so if your considering adopting, adopt an older child!

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