Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Birthday buddy Quinton!

Fall 2010 I fell in love with a little boy on Reece's Rainbow, his name is Quinton. We shared one thing in common-the same Birthday which was part of the reason I chose to sign up to be his christmas warrior that year but then he quickly found a family the day the Angel Tree started. His eyes spoke to me, his picture saying who will rescue me? He was the 1st kid on Reece's Rainbow I decided to advocate for & fundraise for, when his family committed to him I was unsure if I could help raise funds needed to help with his adoption. When "our" Birthdays rolled around last year, I was turning 19 while you were still waiting for your family on your 1st Birthday I decided instead of just having a party for me why not do a party for "us"? Several friends came over & we had a party that I always will remember, instead of gifts I asked for donations for your adoption which now will always be a special birthday tradition til all orphans have families. We also did a change drive which brought in the end about $200 from all my friends & family. On top of that I also did the JBF sale to raise funds, which did well. In june we did some yard sales which in the end brought about $200 for your adoption. I still can't believe everytime I look at your pictures that you are now home with your loving family. Buddy, I so wish I could have been there today to celebrate your special "1st" with your family Birthday Party/baby dedication but since I can't I am sending you warm hugs & I hope to meet you real soon. Miller family, thanks for making my wish of him finding a family come true! Quinton, I have a special something for you once this girl can figure out which box it is in. Love you my sweet boy & thanks for starting me on this Journey of advocating for the lost & lonely orphans in this world! I will be celebrating on this side of the US thinking of you partying with your family & friends, remembering what love did to bring you home where you belong! Love you baby boy! Happy 2nd Birthday from "Auntie Leah" in CA!
Quinton happy with his new life!


Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

Oh my word you made me cry! Handsome boy!!! His eyes are so haunting and sad in that first picture - look at how happy he is now!!!

Leah said...

thanks for following along! I am assuming you found my blog through the NDSS website. Thats what drew me to advocate & fundraise for him & so pleased he is loving life with his family.