Sunday, March 4, 2012

Every Life is Beautiful pt 2

I know people are reading, but sometimes I just feel like I am writing to no one. I can't really post what I want to say but since I promised you pt 2 & even though its still not as big as I want it I am going to post it even if 1 person reads this or a thousand it does not matter. I think I will just turn this into a series. If you missed my post and/or Part 1 of Every Life is Beautiful I encourage you to read those posts!

I think life is beautiful & an amazing gift...We don't realize we have it till it's gone. ♥ Sweet Addie is what keeps my life beautiful." Alyssa G. (Addie I hope you know how loved you were by your family & friends even though you were here on earth for such a short time. I love your sweet sisters heart & I know someday you both will meet again in heaven Leah)

This is why every life is beautiful, my three babies! One bio and two adopted. All three were unplanned blessings and all three are very loved and cherished! Crystal W.

I still can't believe how much this child has changed! His life is defiantly beautiful. Note from Leah about Gabe (collage courtesy of Gabe's sister Genesis)