Thursday, March 22, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day!

Yes I am a tad late but I was volunteering at the consignment sale all day which is to help fundraise for Celine. Some of who know me personally & others do not. I wanted to share with those just joining in or have read my blog before, why I CARE ABOUT SPECIAL NEEDS & ESPECIALLY THOSE WITH DOWN SYNDROME. For you see another reason I got into orphan advocacy is because of my sister, Sarah. I have written about her before but want to write about her again cause truely she continues to inspire me in this struggle to help other orphans. For some they may say is she a burden? You will have all this resonsiblity when your older? I say Never!! I never could imagine life without her! Somedays it may be rough, somedays may be good but I love her no matter what!! Life with a sibling with Down Syndrome is a life worth living!! You would not believe how many people she has inspired through her dancing. Last sunday, as she danced in her usual spot at church I could not help marvel how far she has come & how happy she is. For goodness sake the people at the shell station where she gets her fountain drink everyday smile at her & know her by name. Even if she does not talk to them (another long story) they still say hi & call her by name, smile, & wave to her. Same thing with the people at Panda Express, they have her order memorized & say hi to her everytime she goes in. Now thats something most people can't say because most won't remember your name or truely get to know you but they love her for WHO SHE IS NO MATTER THE CHROMOSOMES OR SOCIAL PHOBIA OR OTHER ISSUES MY SISTER MAY HAVE. Just like Christ loves us for who WE ARE! I am very proud of my sister, & am very blessed she was born here in america otherwise she would wind up in a Institution for the rest of her days. I just can't imagine that life & thats why I advocate for these kids. Cause they deserve to be loved too. Today in honor of my sister please go donate to Harmony cause she needs a family ASAP before she turns 16 in July or it will be too late for her to discover the Joy of life in a family. Also if you donate go to my friends Julias Giveaway to enter & please say you did it for Sarah! Every little bit helps even $5! If you can't donate please spread the word, & pray she finds her family before its too late.

Please watch this video some of my siblings & I put together a few months ago about our thoughts on Sarah. "Bring it on!" Matthew says it the best!

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