Monday, November 26, 2012

The girls of my heart

The girls of my heart, Cora Lynne her picture said please help me.

Lord, oh please bring me a family. I thought she would not be waiting for long. Two years later, with a new photo & now 6 years old she still waits.

Her smile captured my heart & I just knew I needed to help her.
She started with more than one photo but no new updated photo til 2 years later. Yet Celine also still waits.
I thought I was finished with just these two girls but then God broke my heart for another precious girl. It was a God Story & I just knew I could not abandon his request of me to help Brandi.
Then even though she had been advocated for, though I could not do much for her fundraising wise I decided to add Carmen to my family of beautiful butterflies to advocate for.
All these girls, have been waiting for years. All longing to be cherished & loved by a family of their own. These girls all on my heart everyday. Almost all I look at their previous years angel tree ornament on my bulletin board praying every night they will find their families. Are you their family? Please contact Reeces Rainbow if you are!

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