Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cliff jumping & matching grants!

The Menges are FULLY FUNDED!
First of all, I have talked about how hard it is to jump the cliff of fundraising. It takes a huge leap of faith & TRUSTING GOD to do any HUGE FUNDRAISING trust me I know. Though I am not an adoptive mom/family I know how hard it is to fundraise! I was feeling the same way the first time when I did my Shoot for the Stars Giveaway for Celine but then I saw how mighty our God is! I was overwhelmed after that so I took a break then in January I had been feeling like Heath needed some help & no one had mentioned him for quite some time even though originally I was planning it for Celine again I emailed my lovely friend Julia who has met him & advocated for him. She said she had been talking about him that day & my message made her teary. God provided an over abundance for Heath mainly in our Lost Get Found Giveaway as well as some for Celine & Masha. To be honest I was nervous, I did not want to be cliff diving again but God kept whispering telling me I should & boy am I glad I did cause Heath has a HUGE GRANT NOW over $9,000! During that Giveaway his grant started at $640 then was over $2,000 by the time it was over. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD!!! (sorry I have been at VBS all week so please don't mind me using this reminder over & over lol)

The Menges family, are merely weeks away from meeting their son & are still short on funds! Good news is they have not one but 2 matching grants going on! Truth is Jennifer was scared to even post about the Matching Grants but she decided to cliff jump & so far God is providing! But they still need some help! Their son is in a "bad place" & needs out of there! Once they receive both matching grants they will be FULLY FUNDED! They have a Giveaway going on so please check it out! To add to the fun, anyone who purchases my memories digital scrapbook program & uses my discount code on the box to the right I will gladly donate the $20 everytime its used to the Menges family & just think that will be doubled to $40! 

AM I worth the cliff jump? I think so!! Help me get out of this place I am in & come home where I belong!

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