Thursday, June 28, 2012

No matter what Trust God!!

So this past week has been crazy busy with volunteering at VBS & I just have not had time to think about what I should blog about. I feel bad I have missed 3 weeks of Teamwork Tuesday but I hopefully will be back on track next Tuesday! This whole week we have been learning different phrases & to trust God in everything. Monday night I was completely exhausted & crying cause honestly my auction for Celine was going slow. Don't get me wrong I love supporting families adopting but it seems harder to fundraise for the orphans I love without over exhausting the same people or auctions seemingly are going better for the families which I understand why. I have my moments of not trusting God & then trusting him yet again but then things happen & I learn to trust. As I was bawling my eyes out frustrated that mainly Celines auction was not going as well as I thought & frustrated about my "kids" not finding families & about Celines region the voices in my head kept repeating what I had been hearing at VBS Trust God.
Day 1 was No Matter who you are... Trust God!
Day 2 was No Matter how you feel... Trust God!
Day 3 was No Matter what people do... Trust God!
Day 4 (today's 6/28) is No Matter what happens... Trust God!
The who you are, what people do (think), & what happens is especially hard for me to Trust God about so I think VBS has definitely helped this year! Why I wanted to post this is in the good times & bad times please remember to trust God! But you know what the prayers & trusting God works, it may not be my timing but it is his! The auction has picked up speed & is doing well! Even if I only raised $5 I know it helped Celine! I am also excited cause I think I will be able to do our neighborhood garage sale to fundraise! I was so upset I could not do one sooner on my own but you know what? I think it will work out better this way so I can get everything ready & go through more stuff we need to get rid of! The week/weekend before is JBF Sacramento & as long as my nephew cooks in his mommies tummy til around his due date of October 11th then I plan on doing BOTH. Yes I know I AM CRAZY TO DO BOTH BACK TO BACK fundraising but HECK I SAID I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO HELP CELINE & EITHER FIND HER FAMILY BY CHRISTMAS AND/OR GET HER FULLY FUNDED SO ITS ON! I will be possibly doing a local family like last years but since I only get a day instead of 2 weekends I don't have as much flexibilty on where funds should go but you know what I will decide it closer to time on how to split funds. I am hopefully going to do lemonade & drinks to fundraise for Brandi since I have not gotten to do much for her. JBF will likely be just Celine or just Cora Lynne I really don't know how to divide my fundraising evenly but you know what I try. Anyway things are going good! I applogize for not checking in more often for those readers I know are there  reading & truly enjoy reading my blog. I'm glad to know I can Trust God no matter what!


Dee Etheridge said...

We did the same VBS lesson!! It was a good refresher for even the adults. Its so easy to forget God is in control & so comforting when we remember all we have to do is "Trust God!"

Leah said...

Yes, It is so hard to remember that somedays especially waiting for my girls to find their forever families.