Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It matters to this One

Originally I was going to post a different post I wrote but after today I thought that post can stand to wait an extra day this really can't. Today when I walked to the mailbox I was not expecting to receive a precious treasure when I least expected it & needed it the most. When I noticed a package from Joy Belle Jewelry on etsy I was confused I had not ordered anything from her in a long time & did not remember entering any Giveaways or auctions so I opened the package & was surprised when I saw the lovely starfish necklace with two little charms on it. I asked around & no one claimed to be the friend who got it for me. Then I had a thought, maybe I should see if theirs a note on the back of the business card. Well their was & this is what it said
 A gift from a secret RR (aka Reeces Rainbow) friend
I asked several people hoping one of them would say yes they sent it but clearly I am not meant to know who it was but I sure hope to repay their kindness someday. I even begged the person who made it but she said her lips are sealed.
So as my mind kept wondering what meaning the charms had & if they were the birth months of 2 children I had helped bring home I posted on my facebook & a friend suggested it might have to do with the 2 girls you love. I then realized she was right, & the tears just flowed knowing I needed to hear those words at this moment & that someone knew how much I Love Celine & Cora Lynne enough so to have their birthstones of May & October put on this special gift. I wish I could give a huge hug right now to you, my secret friend whoever you are cause I needed to hear it matters to this one! For those that have never heard the Starfish poem:
As I walked along the seashore this young boy greeted me.
He was tossing a stranded starfish back into the deep blue sea.
I said, "Tell me why you bother. Why waste your time this way?
There's a million stranded starfish. Does it matter anyway?"
And he said, "It matters to this one. It deserves a chance to grow.
It matters to this one. I can't save them all, I know. 
But it matters to this one, I'll return it to the sea.
It matters to this one, And it matters a lot to me."

What my secret friend was trying to remind me again it matters to this one
                                               And this one
                                            And this one
                                           And this one
And this one
And this one

What about all these kids?
Yes it does matter
For this one
And this one
And this one
And this one
I know some of you might not get it, thinking why bother? But It does matter to this one to me.
Thanks secret friend for this precious gift! I will treasure it always, as I reminder that yes it does matter to the two girls whom I dearly love & to all these kids.


Sarah said...

So cool Leah!!

Kaleigh said...

thats so sweet!

Katrina said...

What a beautiful gift for such a kind hearted girl.

Lynnanne said...

Beautiful Leah :)

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

You deserve it, girly! I still won't say who it was; God knows and He will not forget them!!!

Leah said...

thanks Joy! I have tried guessing with people but so far nada so I guess I'm just not meant to know.

Leah said...

thanks Lynnanne!

Leah said...

aww thanks Katrina!

Leah said...

thanks Kaleigh! it was!

Leah said...

yep it is! I still can't get over the timing of it all.