Saturday, August 25, 2012

Worth all the hardwork & time spent!

Though I have done JBF consignment sales many times I want to say it over & over YES IT IS WORTH IT FOR MY BEAUTIFUL STARFISH!
Cora Lynne is 6 years old & has been listed on Reeces Rainbow for almost 2 years now. Its about time she finds a family!
Celine turns 7 years old in October, my "darling daughter" of my heart deserves a loving family.

It's been such a successful fundraiser in past years even if it is a ton of work, because to me it matters to this one! In 1 week & 5 days I will be taking all my stuff to sell there. I am aiming for at least $100 for each girl though I would love it if I could send $150-200 each for them. 89 items most of which is in this stack all ready to be loved by another child or several. What these children & parents might never know is by their purchase it brings 2 girls one step closer to their forever families.
Please pray for it to go well! I dropoff stuff on September 5th, Presale on September 6th which usually is one of my best days at selling, & the open to the public sale September 7th-9th. Typically I volunteer to pickup my leftover items but this time I have no option to so I will be donating everything. I get 65% of the profit since I volunteer which is good. I use to get more but they changed things around so sadly I lost that percentage. Still way better than what I could get at Once Upon a Child! I will never take my leftovers there again. I love you so much Celine & Cora Lynne that I do this for you! Your lives are worth it OVER & OVER AGAIN!!
As I said on my facebook about Celine & its for Cora Lynne too: 


Kaleigh said...

God bless you for helping in so many ways!

Leah said...

thanks Kaleigh but its all Gods doing!