Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Caring is sharing as people use to say. I have experienced more care than I can ever imagine having parents who love & care for me no matter what. Its that same care that I show these girls, the reason the matching grant has been offered, & why someone has offered to do the Digital scrapbook fundraiser. Its Because we all care deeply for 2 little girls in a world so much different then ours & love them from far away that we will do just about anything for them. Cora Lynne was added late into the Angel Tree last year & I was her christmas warrior since Quinton found his family the day it started. So I am sad to say, this year I will be her christmas warrior yet again since she has yet to find her forever family but I am happy cause this brings the chance for me to fundraise for her & bring awareness to Reeces Rainbow. I already have a poster that my mom made for the girls back when we did the yard sales in june that I plan on bringing to the local Buddy Walk Reeces Rainbow table I will be leading. Its because I CARE & think their LIVES are important that I will be helping at the Buddy Walk. Want to know something I am thankful for? Its because I CARED that this Little boy went from this

to this, A boy who is so loving his new life!

Celine, you deserve that Love & Care. Its why so many care for you & Cora Lynne. Won't you please help so these girls can get all the care in the world? They are depending on us, please donate to the chipin & comment on the Giveaway post. Remember we only have $80 left to raise for Celine to get the matching grant! Please also remember the Digital Scrapbook Fundraiser going on. Also my friend Christina Scott has been SO SUPPORTIVE of all I do so please go check out her blog here


Rochelle said...

Very nice, Leah! I'm sorry that it's been slow, but maybe it will pick up momentum! I'll keep praying for ore responses!

Leah said...

thanks rochelle!