Saturday, September 17, 2011

WE HAVE REACHED $200! New Incentive!

We have reached $200 which will be $300 since we have the matching grant offer! So in celebration I have added another incentive! For every new person (has not donated before) who donates they will get 1 extra entry, then if you leave a comment with the friend you found out about the giveaway from they get an entry too! Please leave comments on original post about the Giveaway. Also don't forget to write a blogpost which gets you an entry & sharing on facebook! Remember please donate to the red chipin at right, not the button that goes to Cora Lynne but if you accidentally hit that I will still include you.


suzshelpman said...

Patricia Lambert Jorgensen referred me!

Leah said...

thanks, I think you donated to Cora Lynne though but I will still include you.