Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Love you Celine!

Celine, if only you knew how much we love you & want you to find a family. $210 has been raised thus far in the Giveaway! A lifetime ago, I thought I never make a Giveaway possible as I don't have a job & I could not afford to offer some big electronic item but I sent out a plea asking for items & the response has been amazing! You have so many "fans" that love you & only want whats best for you. I love you so much & wish I could be in your mom but I am too young. I wish their was a way for you to join my family but thats not possible so I am doing all I can to support your future family. Even if its a family that is as far away from me as possible I will still be happy you found a family.
Love your big sis,

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