Saturday, September 3, 2011

My dear Celine

Some people might say why bother? Why do you care so much? How I discovered Reeces Rainbow was a God thing which I can't post it publicly. Its because, of how I came upon Reeces Rainbow that I fell for Quinton, Celine, & Cora Lynne. All the people involved helped me realize I could not just sit here doing nothing about their potentially fatal lives. Why do I care? Its Gods purpose for us to help the widows & orphans in distress. Celine & Cora Lynne, I care for you so much & I wish I could cross the ocean for both of you but since I can't thats why I fundraise through JBF or this Giveaway. I don't know if I would be the same person or even be advocating if I did not have a sister with that extra chromosome. My dear Celine, has a smile & personality as bright as the sun. Would you hate it if she got transfered to an institution? I sure would, & I would feel the same about my own sister if she had been born another century ago here in the USA or overseas in Eastern Europe. Please spread the word so I can continue making a difference for orphans like Celine, or Cora Lynne! Quinton is now safe in his new home, now I want the same for these girls! Please donate to the chipin for the giveaway or spread the word!

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