Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Double the Teamwork Tuesday

So I have been traveling without access to my computer so since I have internet heres my Teamwork Tuesday post for this week & last. Lets start with the precious lil cutie from last Tuesday, Darryl. Is he not adorable? I can picture him in a family of boys playing in the dirt, getting messy & using his imagination to explore. Possibly playing with trains & cars? He looks like he would make a good son!

Date of Birth: June 2007
Gender: Male
Eyes: Gray
Hair: brown
Diagnosis: Down syndrome
 What a sweet, sunny little boy!   Darryl is going on 5.  He has brown hair and brown eyes.  Darryl is growing well, phsyically active, friendly and sociable.   More medical info available from the agency!
Single moms welcome!
$10.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption! 
Don't you want me to be a part of your family?

Next we have Priscilla! Is that not the most adorable smile? Are you her momma?
Girl, Born February 2010
Pretty Priscilla!  More photos available.   Priscilla has many facial features of FAS.  She is also struggling with "pre-leukemia", also known as congenital Myelodysplastic syndrome.    She really needs to get home!!
From her caregivers:  communicative; adequate reactions.  Character: cheerful, active, friendly, communicative, likes to play with different toys.
More photos available.

$105.50 is available towards the cost of my adoption! 
If interested in either of these kids or others on Reeces Rainbow go here & here for more information on how you can adopt.

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