Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Faith & my new digital scrapbook craze!

I am having Faith that Region 2 will reopen, I prayed for an hour in my closet Monday night listening to my christian music praying & begging on my knees to our Mighty God for Region 2, for the goverment, for the families & kids still waiting in region 2, for the process to speed up, for the paperwork & anyone who touches it. I even cried, as I hurt for Celine,  Preston, Megan, & all the others. I also found some more healing of the past but mainly wanted Monday to be about Region 2 of my week long prayer fast. Its the faith God gives me that I continue to jump into the waters of fundraising. I DID NOT EXPECT TO BE JUMPING RIGHT NOW, AS ITS OVERWHELMING, YADA YADA YADA. How can I have that faith if I do not jump & try my best? Devil is trying to attack me not to blog or use it to fundraise or fundraise at all. He is the one who was trying to distract me in that closet & letting my feelings get the best of me. He tried but he did NOT SUCCEED! TRUST ME ITS NOT EASY TO FUNDRAISE, ESPECIALLY WITH NO WORD ABOUT REGION 2 & TRYING TO PRAY ITS ALL IN HIS HANDS. Not worrying or fretting is very tough to do but I am TRYING TO HAVE FAITH THAT ALL THINGS WILL WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF THOSE WHO LOVE HIM. I simply wanted to get a scrapbook program & support Lyla, I had not thought of the fact that I would be signing up to do yet another fundraiser & that I completely forgot precious Cora Lynnes Birthday was this coming month. Last year, I did the 31 day challenge blogging everyday & attempting to fundraise for her even though her exact birth date is unknown to me. I was wanting to do something in honor of her birthday this year & thats when I found this program & now I am crazy about it! Heres a flyer I came up with for the fundraiser! Edited to be able to see the flyer better. If you can't see it still then go to my post here which has all the details.


Anonymous said...


Since you had an American Girl fundraiser that was successful, I wanted to share this fundraiser by my new friend Christine. You can win a choice of dolls, a $250 grant to a waiting child on RR, or more. Please help spread the word if you know any AG doll lovers!


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

i so love your heart! i cannot read the text on the purple poster...dont know if it's just me, the pink is too pale to read!wanted to let you know cause i so want to read what you have written! xxxxx

Leah said...

thanks sue for making me aware of it!

Leah said...

thanks Jane I edited it so I hope you can see it now!