Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wishes on your 6th Birthday

Most of us would probably wishing for a unicorn & ice cream or to live in a castle with ponies on our 6th birthdays or some other fantasy. For Cora Lynne her fantasy, is about her dreams coming true of finding her forever family. Even if its not my Birthday if I never enjoyed the life a family could bring that is what I would wish for. Someone to hold tight to me & love me like I have never been loved before. Though I don't know her birth date it is sometime this month so today I honor her. No 6 year old deserves the life she has. Sadly if she has not already been transferred her birthday will not be celebrated & cherished she will not have cake or presents or any of the fun things 6 yr olds love to do but be taken from the place she grew up in to an adult mental institution. While some are better than others its not the same as a love that a family can bring for her. She has waited far too long unnoticed & unloved. Will you help me make it a Happy Birthday for her? Pray, spread the word about her, or donate $6 to her grant! Happy 6th Birthday my precious Cora Lynne, I hope you are out of a crib & that someone might love on you today whether its your birthday or not. Love you baby girl, I am praying & trying so hard to fundraise & advocate for you! I pray your forever family finds you soon & that this is the last birthday you spend without the love of a family!
Please remember Cora Lynnes scrapbook fundraiser too! Heres my scrapbook I just started for Celine! More samples of what you can do with this great program!


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

oh i didnt realise there was a new picture of cora lynne! her eyes look so sad! you are truly brilliant for all you do! xxxxx

Leah said...

aww thanks but God gets all the glory & honor!