Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thoughts on this mothers day

First of all to start this mothers, auntie, grandma, mom-to-be, moms-in-training (as my friend wished me last year), & hopeful someday mommy day. Whatever you call it, know its a special day to honor the treasure you are & I want to wish you all a Happy Moms or fill in blank day!
Going to start by sharing no matter if their your mom or not this post is to honor the special friends & family who I have grown to love whom mean so much to me.
To start off I have to of course say how proud I am of my Mommy, she really does rock! She is taxi driver, volunteer with me, dealing with the "junk" for JBF sales to fundraise & helping me with getting ready for it, posting my posts about Reeces Rainbow on her facebook & taking the time to read some if not all of them, lets me use our household items to fundraise at yard sales & JBF, has baked cookies for the yard sales & volunteered to help, donated cash & change to my fundraisers, oh yeah & not to forget she is one of not many girls out there that can rock the bass guitar (even when she was expecting some of us LOL, no wonder we all have a passion for music) I could go on & on about how awesome she is & cares for what I do. Mom, I love you very much. Thank you for everything you have done. I am so glad to have you as one of my greatest friends whom I can trust & lean on when I need it most.

Rebekah, you have been like a mom everytime one of us kids arrived. So naturally, I should not be surprised how excited you are to become a mom.
You have been such a great sister, from the moment I was born kid & daughter #3. You have loved me & supported me in my wonderful fundraising efforts & spreading the word even though we live far apart.
I am so excited for you to become a mommy to one blessed little boy, & I still can't believe my older sister is going to make me an auntie. 
6 years ago, I was in a dress which for me was an act of love for her since I don't wear dresses. I was watching my sister marry the one she loves.

Now, my dear sister I want to say I can't wait to see you as a mom cause I know you will make a fine mommy to your son! Happy Mommy-to-be day! Love ya lots!
Next I want to say my friend & partner-in-Reeces Rainbow advocacy Christina. She really does love kids, when I first met her working together in our church nursery I never could imagined our friendship being so close & that we would walk this journey together. She really longs to be a mommy, so I am continuing to pray & hope that someday I will be able to support & love on her & their child. Whether it be via adoption or birth I am having Faith God will make her a mommy someday! So happy moms-in-training & someday mommy day to my dear friend Christina! 
My friend & "big sis" Becki, (oddly enough I can't find a photo of just both of us) You have been such a big sister & have made me such like an aunt to both of your girls. I know its not always easy but your such a good mom. Happy Mothers Day dear sis & friend!

To this dear mom who I have never met in real life from the UK, who shares the same love I have for these kids & because she is a mom to a adorable daughter (well all her kids are but Tilly especially!). Happy Mums day to my UK friend, Jane who I adore & I sure hope I can meet her this side of heaven! She lovingly has supported my tireless efforts for my beautiful butterflies & I am forever greatful for her blog to bring more awareness for not just "my girls" but other kids & that she lets me continuously post my blogposts to her linkups!
Although this is mothers day I do remind you of these beautiful butterflies still waiting for their mommies!
Are you one of their mommies? Help make this their last motherless day!


Jane@flightplatformliving said...


happy mummy in waiting day sweetie xxxxxx
my link-ups would not be the same without you xxxxxxxxx

Christina Scott said...

Thanks Leah. I'm in tears! I appreciate your prayers and love.