Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blog Blitz Sunday-LONGING, LONELY, & LOVE

Today I am blogging for those who have been listed for the longest on Reeces Rainbow. These kids have waited & waited & waited to be noticed & we have decided to do our part to help to get them noticed! Just picture yourself in their shoes for once, would you want to spend your whole life in a crib all day?
First of all is Millie, remember I wrote about her for Teamwork Tuesday then that same day someone donated $1,000 to her grant? I think this girl deserves to be SEEN! Is she your daughter?
                                                 Lonely that's what I am

Meet Arina P., I have noticed her before but have never really blogged much about her til now.
She has longed for a family her whole life

Can't you see the LOVE in Tara's lovely eyes & smile?

Last but not least my two beautiful butterflies whom I have come to Love, Cora Lynne. I fear the worst as her eyes look so daunting

And the beautiful Celine, who I am sure longs to be the fun & spunky almost 8 year old daughter!

I am sure this girl will make your days even brighter!

I have written about mostly Celine & Cora Lynne lately so its nice to spread out a little to other kids that need families. All these kids have been Longing for years of when their dream would come true, Being alone is never fun, & they all want to be loved. Sadly it breaks my heart all over again not just for Celine & Cora Lynne whom I know have been listed for at least 2 years but for all these girls.

These Girls deserve to be loved, treasured, & valued for who they are. Find your daughter at the end of the rainbow click on their names to find more information about them!