Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Proud Little sister to Pink Princess!

Friday, my sister who happens to rock that extra chromosome decided to do the unthinkable, she decided she wanted a little adventure by trying inner tubing for the first time! Pink Princess (her nickname & what I will call her on my blog) For Pink Princess thats HUGE, she really is different from a lot of people sporting that extra chromosome. Its okay we still Love her even with her differences, I have mentioned it before her having Down Syndrome is not as much as an issue as her social phobia or other things that make her herself. Anyway yesterday, I issued a challenge to help another little boy do the unthinkable by helping him come home to his forever family well that goal was matched for little Nicholas to get a plane ticket to his new family! So heres my sister having the time of her life! Pink Princess, you truly have come along way & makes me want to cry to see you so happy! Love you so very much! Reach for the stars cause if you set your mind to it you CAN DO IT! I want to SHOUT TO THE WHOLE WORLD, THESE KIDS ARE WORTH IT!! THEY DESERVE TO HAVE THE FREEDOM JUST LIKE PINK PRINCESS!!! See kids with Down Syndrome may be deemed worthless & can't do anything in this world but I want you to SEE WITH YOUR OWN TWO EYES, YES THEY CAN, YES THEY CAN, YES THEY CAN!!!

                               Now who says that smile is not the best thing in this world?

 So those of you who did not know, I also challenged if my friends got the Unroe family adopting 5 adorable kids including Nicholas got fully funded I would post the short video clip of my sisters fun time. Say what? THEY ARE FULLY FUNDED!!! I'm not budging til these kids are home, lets bring them home so they can try new adventures & reach for the stars like Pink Princess! Oh did I mention they are traveling in MERE DAYS!! Let's get this adventure FINISHED!! Nicholas got his plane ticket but still needs to come home along with his 4 siblings!!
For 9 & a half year old Nicholas who has been living in a bad institution since he was 5 years old

For 5 yr old Aleisha & 6 yr old Keith. Yes he is that old & in a bad place they both deserve to be rescued & loved.
                                          For precious Anita 
                                                  Last but not least princess Ahnja

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