Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday-RJ

First of all before I start off the Teamwork Tuesday blogpost I wanted you to be aware of the amazon box to the right. Why did I add it you may ask? Its because everytime someone goes through that link I earn a percentage of your order. I needed to find another helpful way to earn a little extra funds for myself personally & be able to continue helping the families & children of Reece's Rainbow. I'm praying I can get a passport to have ready when I want to travel to Ukraine or Russia someday possibly next year so I am starting to save up for a passport, visa, & plane ticket.
So if you need something from amazon I encourage you to use that box on the right!
On to todays Teamwork Tuesday blogpost!
Meet RJ

RJ, a 3 old boy who needs someone to turn his frown into a smile!
I picture him smiling away playing with his trains on the floor with his new daddy.
He needs a mommy to tell him she loves him for who he is,
to tell him yes he matters,
to cuddle him when he is sad,
that he is a precious child of God.

Would you be his forever family? For more information on adopting this precious guy click on his name.

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