Monday, January 21, 2013

14 days

Just 14 days til my Birthday!!! $231 has been donated & I have $15 saved so far!! 
God knew the plans he had for me from the moment I was born. I never could have imagined moving from MO to CA but as we approach our 8th year of living here I could not say thank you God enough. I never would have found my passions including caring for the least of these. 
 Today I am reflecting back to this journey God brought me on. It all started when a friend of a friend posted a blog link to a local family adopting a little girl named Sofia.
Little did I know as I followed their Journey I would be hooked for life. I started looking at the Reece's Rainbow website & after seeing several blogs telling about what Eastern Europe is still like for kids with special needs I knew I had to do something to help. My eyes were opened & soon I started falling in love with a precious boy named Quinton.
I started fundraising for him little by little early fall 2010. November 1st 2010 I got the wonderful news HE FOUND HIS FAMILY! I'm so glad he has been home for over a year now! Soon after falling in love with Quinton I fell in love with an adorable smile that absolutely stole my heart.
Her grant was about $3,033 before I had even started fundraising for her! I soon started to fundraise for her too bit by bit. Another had already signed up to be her Christmas warrior that year so I chose Quinton who found a family when it first started. So I helped Quintons family & Celine til mid december when new kids got listed & that's when Cora Lynne caught my eyes.
Over the past almost 3 years of advocating, praying & fundraising for the girls I always have a plan of getting there little by little helps. You can see that reflection already in Brandis(53) grant & Cora Lynnes started at $0 when she got listed compared to Celine who had a grant already when I found her.

From the yard sales/baked goods
to the crazy consignment sales

To insane Giveaways
To amazing matching grants we have been through some WILD TIMES!!! BUT I WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN FOR THE SAKE OF YOU BOTH & ALL THE OTHER ORPHANS I ADORE!!!


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