Saturday, January 19, 2013


Hooray the chipin is at $105!!! Just $20,895.00 to go!! Again I want to say thank you to all who have donated! This came up back in October & time just flew by quicker than I had thought. 
To the girls I love, I am still praying for you every single day & for your country. I know God has a plan for you both even if I don't entirely see it yet. Your stockings are still hanging in my room with care in hopes that someday your family will be there. I debate back & forth of taking down my christmas decorations in my room as I don't want to knowing your stuck & your still not in a family 2 years later. I am trying to keep the faith & I feel peaceful but sometimes looking at your pictures hanging still on my tree makes me want to cry every single time. 
Everywhere I look in my room I think about you. I think about what could be you in the bears portrait.
I think about you in my prayers while looking at your stocking.
I think about you as I think of your scrapbooks that need finishing.
I think about you on your Birthday month, & when I hear a song about orphans your little faces pop into my head picturing you. Or when I am in a store picturing you wearing this outfit or playing in the playhouse.
Yes, I do think about you all the time. How your eyes pierce the depths of my soul worrying me of if your in a good place.

Someday's I wish I could just shutoff all around me & not think about you all the time. But then again since my eyes have been opened to your plight I can't just look away & do nothing. So I keep going one day at a time cause I WON'T GIVE UP!

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Angela said...

Though it is very hard, I'm thankful you have such a burden for these two sweet girls! God hears our prayers. Thank you for shouting for them.