Wednesday, January 30, 2013

His Love Never fails!

Tears in my eyes as I count statistics & how God's Love never fails! Almost everyday since January 17th their has been at least one donation a day & my friends keep overwhelming me more than word's can say! To Start I want to say an appreciated thanks to all my family members & friends spreading the word! Aunt Kelly, thanks for caring about my passion for the orphans & taking the time to write an email out to your friends about what I am doing. Dad, you have also been a great support sending out emails during two of my crazy endeavors so thank you for all you do!
Steph & Mom, thanks for being so enthusiastic spreading the word about the fundraiser every way you can!
Lastly, Rebekah thanks for not only spreading the word daily but also by creating this wonderful way to spread the word!
 Without all your help, the chipin would not be at $1,572.42!!! Thank you to the 19 people who have donated so far whether it be $10, $21, or $210 every little bit helps! Thank you also to my two awesome friends who have given me money towards the goal! Now for some fun stats on the chipin.
Out of 19 donors,
10 I have met/know or is friends with someone in my family
5 I know online through the Reeces Rainbow community
& 5 total strangers I don't even know.
With ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT, WE STILL HAVE $19,291.58 to go!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!! These girls are counting on us!

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