Sunday, April 12, 2015

Final Days of Giveaway with MORE ENTRIES!

A Dream is a Wish your Heart makes Giveaway ends in 3 days! 
New Entry amounts per donation!
$5-1 entry
$10-4 entries
$15-6 entries
$20-8 entries
You can make a donation to the Donation box on the right or go to here & Forward your donation receipt to me at
Just remember ends April 15th! 
Cute Picnic Basket! 
Baby girls need to be princesses too!
And what's a little girl without a tutu to twirl around in?
Please help Ms Emma Grace come home to her family! 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Greatest Potential

Emma like my sister could have the greatest Potential. Here's what I shared when I posted this video on youtube 3 weeks ago: My sister, Sarah, dancing to Animals as performed by Jeremy Gaynor & Rob Taylor on The Voice on NBC #teamchristina
Original credit of this song goes to Maroon 5
We were watching The Voice on NBC which she is a huge fan of, watching it every week, never missing it. Since last week when seeing the preview for the 3/18 show of Team Christina's Rob Taylor & Jeremy Gaynor performance she has brought down her mask each time hoping it will come on & when it came on yesterday she asked if we could video her dancing to it. I want to share this, We all tend to judge on the outward appearance by putting our own "mask" on seeing them whether by their look or by their disability but don't see them for the person they are. They on the other hand wish others could treat them the same as everyone else not judging them by their "mask" of what this world sees Different. Sarah is more than just her Down Syndrome or her Selective Mutism, she is a Normal girl who loves to dance, watch TV shows like The Voice on NBC, loves Disney, Singing, & so much more. I'm her sister & I want the world to see her despite any "mask" she might have.
Emma Grace just needs some help to come home to her family so she can shine like the beautiful girl she is & have that potential! WE HAVE JUST 4 DAYS LEFT TIL THE DREAM IS A WISH YOUR HEART MAKES GIVEAWAY ENDS & STILL GREAT CHANCES AT WINNING A PRIZE!! Don't you love the sweetness in my sisters smile helping me pick out these items for the Giveaway?
And who here loves Toy Story? I sure do!
Few weeks ago when I posted that video to the Voice contestant twitter pages they both commented on it so you see you never know what a tweet, share, or prayer can do! You gain 1 FREE ENTRY JUST BY SHARING ON EACH SOCIAL MEDIA SITE! So 1 for twitter, 1 for fb, 1 for Instagram, 1 for Blogging, etc. SO SHARE, TWEET CELEBRITIES, & SHARE SOME MORE! This girl needs to come home! & you can donate here
And if you happen to be on Facebook check out the auction the Brook family has going

Friday, April 3, 2015

A beautiful soul

A Beautiful soul, lost her battle to Cancer on Thursday morning. I have known many people who have lost their battle to the dreadful C word, & I know others who have beaten that word. But never did I have the honor of knowing such a kindred spirit such as Elizabeth.

Though I never had the pleasure of knowing her in person, I was blessed to know her in this wonderful adoption advocate community. Like my friends who lost their battle to Cancer, Elizabeth never stopped fighting. On days when she did not feel well she was wanting to distract herself so thus the "DeHority Distraction" was born donating her beautiful socks knit with love to help orphans with special needs come home to their forever families. Many have come home because of her Distractions & she wasn't just an advocate. 
She was a Mom to her children, & a wife to her Husband but yet she went beyond & became a friend to soo many people. 

Her legacy will live on & continue to inspire others just like she has for me. Elizabeth, I know I never really chatted with you much online but know you are another of the ones who have encouraged me on days when I have wanted to Give up whether it was a personal struggle or advocating for orphans. Your determination to keep going no matter the pain you were in is inspiring. I will keep fighting for orphans just like you & help to continue your legacy.
So what best way to honor such a beautiful soul than a Distraction? 
You may know about our Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes Giveaway to help bring Emma Grace home to her forever family. I have a new prize to add, what's a princess to do on a beautiful day outside? Why have a Picnic of course!
Can I get some distractions today to help Emma Grace come home?
Lastly a beautiful new girl was listed on an advocating site in Elizabeth's honor would you mind dropping even just $5 into her grant?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

New Prize added to Giveaway!

Who here loves Toy Story? I know I do!
We have this awesome woody doll donated which retails for $45 BRAND NEW!
Want to win this? Check out the ways you can enter here

Help Bring Emma Grace home!

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Dream is a Wish your Heart makes Giveaway & WDSD 2015

Yesterday, was World Down Syndrome Day. Down Syndrome or Trisomy 21 occurs when an individual has a extra copy of the 21st chromosome. March 21st (21st chromosome) is designated World Down Syndrome Day to honor, celebrate, & bring awareness of those in our lives that just so happen to have that extra chromosome. I just so happen to adore an extraordinary girl who I Love, my sister. 
 My sister, never has wanted to be known by having Down Syndrome & I'm right there with her when I say she is just like you & me. She is a girl that loves horses,Disney,singing,acting,babies & so much more.
She has friends both with that extra Chromosome & those without but no matter what she sees them for the person they are on the inside & out no matter their age, race, gender or disability. 
My sister truly has a heart of Gold, she is always so kind when selecting the Birthday gift or Christmas gift & we all know how much love & thought went into picking out that gift. Last year for my Birthday she got me the doll above cause she knows that I love Disney Princesses just like her & picked the same style doll as hers but yet different princess. This years gift was an adorable purple bear that has a heart written with I love you on it cause she knows Purple is my favorite color. 

I love my sister & her sweet heart. So yesterday while trying to decide what should do as a Random Act of Kindness that could involve her as part of the initiative that was going around as part of World Down Syndrome Day to do an act of kindness. I was unsure if I was going to just randomly give it to some little girl or leave it somewhere for someone to find but then my mind started forming an idea to help a family adopting a child with Down Syndrome that was still short on funding. So I used the Gift card my family & friends helped me save coke points for & used an opportunity to help a family bring home their little girl. My sister, whose nickname in our family is Pink Princess went down the aisles with me & I did not tell her what we were doing, just that we were giving these items to someone else. I asked her what her favorite Disney Princess was & she said Merrida, from the movie Brave because she is a tough girl like me.
This is what my younger sister shared on her fb page that Pink Princess shared with her:
"I don't want to be known for my Down Syndrome. I want to be known because I'm tough. And I can sing."

Me-Girl, you are tough & at times even tougher than me.

As we were selecting things, things that she loves I was thinking of kiddos who might not have toys or even be allowed to play with them. Specifically since she loves Disney Princesses & we call her Pink Princess I asked her about those things but I wanted to grab one more item but not sure what to get I went over to a movie section cause I know how much she loves movies & she selected a certain favorite of hers.

So we checked out & because I wanted to post how much she helped me out with this act I pleaded with her for a photo with the selection of items. (Photos always prove a challenge for her) But out of kindness of her heart she responded to my request without too much convincing.

"Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
The dream that you wish will come true"

Meet the adorable Emma Grace, like my sister she has that extra chromosome. She is waiting for her family to make her wish come true. Her mama has been working hard & they have faced some challenges & are still short on funding for this sweet girls adoption. The Devil wants nothing more than for her to not come home. Well I'm here to tell you our God is stronger & can do the Impossible! Originally I had this planned for another family but praise God they got funded yesterday!

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, my sister, & Emma Grace we Launch 
"A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes Giveaway".
Here's the prizes:
My sisters favorites is the "Grand Prize" & 3 winners will each get to select which prize they get. All other prizes will each draw a winner but no selecting.
Merrida doll
Cinderella shoes
Free Willy Movie
Cause every little girl needs a tutu to be a Princess!
Yes even teens & Mommies deserve to dress up like a pretty Princess!
Bracelets will come together as a set

And this is another set

Lastly some adorable infant headbands, one winner per headband will be chosen.
NEWLY ADDED, SOMETHING FOR TOY STORY FANS OR SOMEONE WITH A BOY. Brand New Woody doll retails originally $45
A Princess can't go without a picnic right?

Now for the details, we want to help Princess Emma Grace come home to her loving family, the Brooks
To enter our giveaway here's how it works:
Donate to their grant link listed above
$5-1 entry
$10-4 entries
$15-6 entries
$20-8 entries
1 free entry per Social Media share on FB, Twitter, & Instagram. Once you donate please forward your original donation receipt to me at
Anyone that shares please leave a comment saying you have done so. I will try to keep track via fb but it will help if you let me know you shared.
Thanks for helping now let's help Princess Emma Grace wish come true!
Giveaway will end April 15th!

Friday, February 13, 2015

In Loving Memory of Mamaw

Life does not always go according to planned, I thought I would have a great Birthday celebrating with my friends. The weekend before, unexpectedly my Mamaw took a turn for the worse. We all sorta knew it was coming with her but all I wanted to do was shout not now. I prayed that we could make it in time so my Mom could be with her should she pass. Once we got there I knew that their was not much chance & that she would soon join my Grandpa in Heaven.
The next few days progressed quickly, & she entered heavens gates Feb. 3, 2015 just a day before I would celebrate my 23rd Birthday. I was very thankful we had just had a nice visit the weekend before she took her worse turn. But still being one of her namesakes & having a close connection with her saying see ya later til we meet again was the toughest thing I have ever done. Most of us kids in my family hardly remember the last time a close family member pass as we were so little. I felt horrible, how could I celebrate my Birthday when I just lost someone I love dearly? 
My Birthday was okay despite the heartache we all were feeling but it all quickly went as a blur.

Yesterday 4 years ago my Mamaw was a huge part of why I won this camera that helped some orphans. (similar photo, not exactly mine) At Christmas & During my Birthday she would always send a check for myself & one for Reece's Rainbow. Because of her generosity this has been a blessing to my sister & I.

Mamaw, you gave out of love for your granddaughter but you have given me more love than I can ever hope to have.
My mamaw had a heart of Gold, always giving & supporting her families passions. Mine just so happens to be advocating for special needs orphans. She would always ask me what latest thing I was fundraising for/doing. She had been so excited for me to go to Russia 2 yrs ago & I so hope I can still go someday. I truly can't count the times or how much she has helped orphans. 

As hard as this past week has been loosing her, I did not get the chance to really help the family I had been planning to share on my Birthday. I know my Grandma would want me to continue advocating for orphans & so I will continue.
The day of my grandmas funeral I felt an extra ache in my heart when I got a message saying sweet Sasha lost her family.
And then another punch yesterday that Brandi lost her family. I did not know if I could take much more bad news. Her special needs were not originally what was said. A new picture, but a sad one compared to that smiley face girl I first fell in love with.
But then happy news, Valerie had found her family!
Still praying the same will happen for Sasha & Brandi as well as Cutie Clover.
Right after she passed I asked any of my friends to donate to the Wetherington family in her loving memory. They are still short thousands of dollars & one of the children they are adopting has an untreated heart condition. 
 In honor of my grandma do you have $5 to spare, a moment to pray, or time to click that fb share button? If your on fb go check out this auction I'm doing for the Wetherington family,

Thank you for your love, prayers, & support during this time. Helping orphans right now is keeping me at ease & I would love to see more grants growing, kids finding families, & activity on the auction so will you help please?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Birthday Wish

They say money can't buy happiness which is true, but sometimes it can bring it to a child with no one to love them. 
The past 4-5 years I have realized even more how less is more. I appreciate thoughtfulness that goes into purchasing that Christmas gift or that Birthday present. I'm not saying I'm against giving or receiving gifts, this is just my point of view I wish to share. 
I have learned sometimes the best gift in life is not wrapped with a fancy bow but is instead the people who surround you with love. Those who overwhelmed you on your 21st Birthday eating Ice Cream & other yummy food showing you love like no other.
It's sitting on a stairway bawling your eyes out reading birthday cards with donation after donation in them knowing God provided big time & realizing how awesome your friends are. Lastly it's following God & saying yes even if it's scary, even if it's tough, even if you think it's Impossible, & even if everyone you know thinks you have gone nuts. I'm learning that love takes sacrifices & it means so much to me. So I'm going out on a limb to ask one question, What would you do to save an orphan?

You might be like I do at times thinking why bother?
Why should I care?
How can I make a difference? All it took was a share of a local fundraiser & then watching videos/seeing pictures that had my stomach in knots to break my heart to shreds.
It was this precious girl whose adoption fundraiser opened my heart.
And from there, it just could not stop me from doing whatever it took to help. I'm going to turn 23 in just 6 days & every year I have made a Birthday wish. Since I found my heart for orphans I have tried to do something special/make a special wish on my Birthday cause to me my Birthday is not about me but what I can do for the least of these. I say this all the time it's not about me but God above is why I do this. For my 19th it was all about one special boy who at the time was still waiting for his family to cross that ocean for him & who shared my Birthday.
You can read about that here,

During my 20th, I was in the middle of running a Giveaway to help a few orphans but still wanted to make a Birthday wish.

And of course my 21st was the one to remember,

My 22nd was a little bit different in regards to helping orphans I was visiting my friends in CA & really could not do as much as I would have liked. 
So what is my wish for my 23rd Birthday? Part of that already has come true with this girl finding her forever family.
Next to that my wish is for others to see what they can do to help orphans. It could be donating to  helping adoptive families bring home their kids like these two I'm helping to fundraise for. You can go make a donation to either family here & here

It could be a simple share on Facebook of a child like Clover that needs a family,
It can be a donation of an item or making something like this one that will be featured in the auction I'm doing,
Truly the possibilities are endless of ways you can help support orphans & adoptive families! All I want for my Birthday is to see others be known & be loved. So what are you going to do to help the least of these?