Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Overwhelmed with Joy!

I was going to wait to post til tomorrows giveaway post but then as I looked at Facebook I saw this Joyus announcement:
Big news, Reece's Rainbow! Board of Directors has voted! Effective September 1, 2011all older children will be able to carry their grants as they grow (until they turn 10), instead of being combined in a general older child fund. Individual Paypal buttons to be posted for donations over the course of this next week, please be patient!
I just started crying. Why? Because I had been burdened since Celine is turning 6 in a month & felt like I need to focus my efforts on her first since she only had til January with her already large grant. Although I am still going to focus on her, it feels so nice to have that burden be lifted that I only had a few more months before she lost that grant & I can include both Girls now into my efforts. So though I am still doing it for Celine, I have decided to set a goal for Cora Lynne to be added into the Giveaway as well. So look forward to my post later tonight!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

IMPORTANT NOTE for everyone

You may Notice I have added a chipin button to the right of the blog, PLEASE IGNORE IT TIL THURSDAY as its for the Giveaway!

All for Love

I do this all for love, it may not be easy at times working hard on fundraising & advocating for the girls but every time I remind myself if not me than who? Girls, I am praying for your future families that they get you before I have a reason to see the words ALREADY TRANSFERRED. I try so hard but yet you still have not found families. But when I see your smile

and your helpless stare

I know I need to continue the fight to fundraise & find your families! Its because of my love in my heart for 2 precious girls waiting across the world for their families. I know that, God has the right families out there its just hard for me to sit & wait & wonder.

Sneak Peak

Heres just one of the many prizes we will have in the Giveaway coming September 1st!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Help needed!

I hate to ask but would you mind spreading the word? I am trying to collect more donations but its hard to do when I have such few followers & my friends can only do so much. The more people know about the girls, the better the chance at them finding families & more funds to be raised for them both!
Thanks to the following people who have already offered up prizes! I could have not set this up without your help!
SarahsTreasureBox etsy store
OllieFaithDesigns etsy store
Stephanie Lynch
Okay edited to add since my mom gave me a hard time, Starbucks mug & gift card which is a combined effort between us. So thanks to Mom for the Mug!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Warriors Heart

Yesterday my heart was broken for 2 little girls in a far away land, one who has her family there & another looks like she will have a family. You want to know why? This is why I do what I do. This is Katerina with her Mom. It makes me sick but their is hope still in her.

Its the Truth, these are REAL kids, in REAL orphanages.
Heres Liliana who is 11, YES SHE IS THAT OLD & SADLY WEIGHS 10 POUNDS. She is being commited to soon.

I am still heartbroken for them but glad their still may be hope for them! Please continue to pray for them! Its with my Warriors heart, that I Thank You for all you do & continue to do to support my efforts for both of the girls! I am writing from my heart, As a warrior (or anyone!) to a Reeces Rainbow child no person ever wants to see the words I HAVE BEEN TRANSFERED or any photo like those above. So its from my heart that I ask you to please pray for the girls health & safety. Please don't feel presured into donating a prize for Celines Shoot for the Stars Giveaway, but know that I am very thankful to those who do & those who are praying for it to be a success! I really want the giveaway to be a success first of all, & if possible BIG but I will leave that up to God. This one warrior who will do ANYTHING possible to help fundraise for Celine or Cora Lynne to come home to loving families! Please spread the word about my blog, our facebook fan page For the Love of Celine & Cora Lynne, share their links on fb, & PRAY FOR THEM TO FIND FAMILIES! They have been waiting so LONG. If you are thinking about adopting on Reeces Rainbow, consider one of these girls! Celine has a pretty good size grant (plus me fundraising!) but only for so long before she would get moved to the older girls page. She has a $5,327.80 grant! To me thats HUGE! The goal for the Giveaway is so that maybe the financial barrier can be taken away, which means to raise a FULL grant. In her Country, I have heard is VERY HIGH COST, POSSIBLY $48,000. How could we ever raise that amount? No clue, but NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD! For Cora Lynne, she has $2,148.70 grant so not as much as Celine but every little bit helps plus a warrior who will gladly fundraise for her too!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

An Update on the change campaign

Wow, I just got back my 1st batch of change for Celine & now we are up to $36.16 raised! I have 11 other friends who have joined me in my quest, some doing their own jars, some spreading the word, & some praying!
Like I said in my post yesterday, I THANK EVERYONE FOR SUPPORTING MY EFFORTS!!! Celine is LOVED BY SO MANY!! Without the donations of prizes for the giveaway, donations to her grant, prayers, & encouragement I could never have started this blog or for that matter continue to do so!! Celines Shoot for the Stars Giveaway is going to Rock! If we get her to a full grant before the end of the month I might consider adding Cora Lynne & a family adopting through Reeces Rainbow. (I know who, but I am not going to say)
So please read my posts below & if you have something to donate let me know soon!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Greatful Heart

The 1st attempt at a Giveaway I wanted to do months ago was shot down, I had a few people who said they would help but nothing came out of it. Now with a greatful heart & a lot of love for one sweet girl who has touched my heart who desperately needs a family I reached out to ask once again for help and the response has been so kindly. I want to first of all thank all of you who have offered prizes, otherwise I could have not gotten to do this at all. I have no funds to get a ipad, a kindle, or other high end electronic but I can make things & I have a whole lot of friends through Reeces Rainbow who I have never met that without this organization I would never have the pleasure of knowing.
Next I want to make it Clear about Celines grant,
Once any child turns 6 yrs old their fund goes into an older girls fund. Each fund is specifically for each special need so in this case Celines would be moved into the Down Syndrome(ds) older girls fund. Once it goes there, it automatically goes to the next child adopted from that page of girls ages 6+ so she could still get her grant but she might not. That is exactally why I am doing so many fundraisers right now for her & not for Cora Lynne. I still care for Cora Lynne, but right now my main focus is on Celine getting a family. Come May when Cora Lynne is turning 6, I will be doing the same I am now for Celine. I want to get her a full grant so she has the best chance at finding a family & that she finds them before January 2012 (she gets sorta an extention as thats when the 5/5/5 funds from her grant will be moved). Also it seems not to many people adopt the older the child so once she turns 6, its likely to lower her chances of being adopted. Her Birthday is sometime in October which is when she will turn 6.
I want to make this the BIGGEST, & hopefully sucessful fundraiser I can do for the girl in my heart who if I was married & old enough I would be racing against time to go get her! If for some reason she "loses" her grant after January, I will be saving up funds for any family who wants to adopt her & know that I will help the best I can to fundraise for them! If any of you feel lead to donate a prize let me know soon. You will need to ship it directly to the winner. (unless you have already told me you would ship the prize to me)I can ship some prizes as long as their small, but with the price of shipping if you can ship it directly that would help me out in the long run! Let me know if thats a problem or not. So far we have raised $31.15 in our change campaign for Celine, feel free to start your own jar if you want to! Please, don't feel bad for saying no to donate or to do the change campaign. Come join us on facebook!/event.php?eid=128352523924824. Prayers are always appreciated!

Friday, August 12, 2011

And the winner of the giveaway is...

I decided to close it a bit early, because of not many entries so I pooled together all the followers I have & numbered them up. Based on the winner is...
#2-Rochelle! I hope you don't mind waiting as I have to find the other copy which still has a smooth cover & the pages still attached. Hope you enjoy the book!
Look forward to Celines Shoot For the Stars Giveaway coming September 1st!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Donations needed!

I am looking for prizes for the Shoot for the Stars giveaway for Celine that starts September 1st! Please let me know! It can be a handmade craft, gift certificate to etsy seller, gift cards (target, walmart, etc.), electronic item,etc.
Lets help Celine so she is not the next Terri Lynn! I need to gather items by the end of August so I can start it September 1st! Please, make sure they are small as I don't want to pay huge amounts for shipping unless you want to ship it to the winner.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Want to win this book?

It has stories from parents, grandparents, & sibling of someone with Down Syndrome. You will automatically be entered just by being a follower of my blog! Picture on the Pure Love Giveaway post. Please comment on the original post. Giveaway ends Friday!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

See the light

Somedays I wonder when I will see the light. Celine has been waiting since last fall. With the recent 5/5/5 campaign her grant is at $5,227.80 & continues to grow. I have tried to do fundraisers but with no job its hard to do. She has not been transfered but I want her to find a family before that can happen. I know that if she does not find her forever family soon her grant will go to the older girls fund & their is a risk of her not getting that grant. I wait & wonder when it will happen, when you show up on the my family found me page. Someday I wonder if it will ever happen. God has a plan for Celine, but somedays I just have to wonder.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Change for Celine

Some of you may have remembered back in February I decided to collect change for Quinton in honor of his & my birthday month. Well it was a success, if I remember right I know at least $30 in change. Now, some young girls whom I have never met before are currently doing one to raise money for another RR kid coming home to a family. They have raised over $100 so far, so I got inspired to do another change campaign for Celine. My Goal is to raise, $300 in change by the end of August! Yep thats an aweful lot of change but I am trusting God will provide! To add incentive, if we surpass that goal I will do something crazy. Not sure what I will do yet but see if you can beat my goal first lol. Please join me either by praying for it to go well or if you would like to have your own jar for Celine join our facebook event here: