Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday-Angelina3G

Angelina, another precious girl in Cora Lynnes & Carmens region. She could be adopted with either of those girls or any other child from that region. Is she not the cutest little girl?
I picture her in a family, playing peek-a-boo & patty cake with her new sisters. She longs for a mommy to cuddle with & care for her.
Are you her mommy? find out more information about her by clicking her name. If your not my mommy you can share my link today or donate to my grant!

Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm going to Russia!

Yes, I have made the decision-Russia here I come! I will be traveling with an adoptive family on trip #3 (gotcha trip) to help since her Husband is unable to around Thanksgiving. Looking forward to meeting Natasha & experiencing her country. My favorite part will probably be the day I get to be a part of Gotcha Day.
With faith & many prayers I am taking this leap for a trip of a lifetime. Thing is I am still going to have to raise the funds needed for my passport & visa. Today, I found out exact cost will be $135 for my passport. To help with the costs I have these fundraisers currently going.
See the AMAZON box to the right?
If you type something into that box that will take you to the amazon website. When you order through that link a percentage will be sent to me from amazon. I can check within 24 hrs if it shows up on my order report.

Want to do cool stuff like this?

Or this?

Or this?

Or even a facebook timeline cover?

I could go on & on about how much I love My Memories software!
Want to order this digital scrapbook program & help me get funds for my passport & visa? Not to mention $10 off purchasing the program & $10 worth of free digital scrapbooking kits!
Heres how!
2. Enter STMMMS49256 at checkout to recieve $10 off
3. You get $10 off the program, $10 store credit to use on extra kits (they have plenty of freebies too!), I get $20 everytime this code is used! Its a win win for everyone!

Lastly, I have these crafts available for sale in my Shooting Stars Crafty Corner page on Facebook. I have been given an opportunity to use these to help with my passport so here it goes.
You can contact me via my page highlighted above or if your not on facebook please leave a comment if interested. Limited availability so if its gone its gone.
All flowers come with clip, but you must attach it yourself.
$4 each including shipping.
4 available of this one!

NOTE-The white one says JESUS LOVES ME & the Green one says Little sis. 1 available of each

NOTE- Only 1 available! Its white with a tad of yellow

Blue & white w/yellow hello kitty still available!

Zipper pulls-$1 each includes shipping. Music Teacher & Kai Lan still available!

If you don't need anything of the above I also have a chipin to the right if you wish to donate! It will NOT BE TAX DEDUCTIBLE since this is not technically a mission trip with a group.
Thanks for letting me share! Do not feel pressured at all, if you can't donate please pray I can raise the funds! I know I am not an adoptive family but I am helping this adoptive family.

It helps to know my parents have been, & were a major part of helping build the Christian Evangelical Church in Novgorod, Russia. I hope I can see it in person.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A possible opportunity

I have a chance to go on a trip with an adoptive family to Eastern Europe pretty soon & all I would need to cover is a passport, visa, & any extra costs that might come up. Well, I know this is not about a family adopting nor advocating for orphans this would be a great opportunity for me to experience another culture outside of the USA. I have yet to make my final decision about going but I want to go ahead to work on a passport whether I go on this opportunity or a future one. It would be nice to have a passport no matter when/where I go. For me to get a passport its going to cost around $165 & if I go I will need to pay about $420 or so for a visa to start. I'm trusting God that if he wants me to go he will make a way for me to go. I'm trying all my might to figure out ways to come up with the passport cost. I HATE asking for funds & I am not pressuring anyone to donate but I have setup a chipin to go to my personal paypal account for Passport cost whether or not I go on this particular opportunity or sometime in the future. I do ask if you decide to donate a minimum of $5 incase of paypal fees. I have been longing & dreaming to go to some other country for some time now. Please continue to pray that God will make it pretty clear that I need to go. Money is a huge obstacle but I trust in God!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Prayer Request

I would like my reader friends to please pray, all I will say for now is I need funds for a passport to have in general & maybe an opportunity. This opportunity could be great for me but I am praying & discussing about it. I'm honestly doing all I possibly can right now to make it happen but frankly its going to be a wild ride if I want to take that leap of Faith. Theirs lots to think about & figure out but God will make a way if he wants it to happen. Thanks!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sweet 16

16 is a Birthday that's usually pretty exciting for any teen. I remember my 16th Birthday, I had a bunch of friends over & we went to chuck e cheese then came back to my house to play games, eat cake, & open presents. Unfortunately for an orphan that means being stuck there the rest of their days or they get sent out onto the streets. No big celebration, no cake, no presents, no special balloon.
                         JARED NEEDS A FAMILY ASAP!!!
                         TRINA NEEDS A FAMILY ASAP!!!
                     STEFAN NEEDS A FAMILY ASAP!!!
                      Why don't you give them a chance?
                    I have wrote about them in another past blogpost here

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday-Heather

Todays Teamwork Tuesday child is Heather
Heather your definitely worth it!
I picture you in a family where you can discover all life has to offer.
You love to play dolls & care for them like your mommy does for you.
Dressing up like a princess is so much fun for you!
When you are sick or sad you go to Mom & Dad.
Are you her forever family? click on her name to find out more about Heather

This is why I love advocating!

If you have been a reader since the beginning of my blog you may recall me fundraising for the Mickschl family last year who was adopting Mackenzie at the time. Yesterday, a year ago she came home to her forever family! This is why I CONTINUE TO DO WHAT I DO! Happy 1 year home Mackenzie! I'm so blessed that I got to be a part of your journey! This time last year was an emotional time for me personally as I was dealing with a tough week that year but its nice to remember the happy part of that week was 2 orphans I helped came home to their forever families. I did not get to experience Mackenzies glorious homecoming as I was out of town. Back in October 2011 I finally got to meet her after her being home 3 months. It was the most precious moment of my life thus far just knowing that hardwork paid off. If you want to read about that moment read my blogpost I wrote then about this Precious Meeting.
       This is Mackenzie 1 year later after coming home. 9 months since I last saw her back in October 2011.
              You can find 2 posts I wrote about my journey with Mackenzie Mickschl here & here
Mackenzie, I'm so glad all that hard work paid off & your enjoying life with your family!

Monday, July 23, 2012

She's just so Ordinary

I have mentioned Pink Princess several times & Saturday I revisited several posts about her. Today I come to tell you something.
                                         Yes she does have Down Syndrome &
                                     social phobia/selective mutism
                but she is ORDINARY JUST LIKE ME or anyone else.

She loves to play with babies & seems to keep them happier than we can!
(She's going to be a wonderful auntie to her nephew due in October!)

Loves to Dance like no ones business! 


Counts down to her Birthday every single day, planning her parties ahead of time. I mean who wouldn't? 
And she loves sharing a Birthday
with MOM.

Pink Princess loves to do many things, many of which I LOVE TO DO TOO. See that world? She is ordinary just like me & she is fine with just the way she is!
So I want to tell all the mothers out there if your considering abortion for a child diagnosed with Down Syndrome. It may be a tad different than you thought it was going to be but you know what they are just like anyone else & are ORDINARY PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU & ME!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Special Needs sibling revisited

Okay so today, someone realized I had a sibling with Down Syndrome so I decided to have you revisit some of my older blogposts on my sister & being a sibling to Pink Princess.
My Inspirations
Thankful for Sarah
Every Life is Beautiful
World Down Syndrome Day
Thoughts on being a special need sibling
Proud Little sister to Pink Princess
As always I am up for another post about Pink Princess so if you have questions of what its like being a sibling ask away! Going to start working on some more informative posts for adults living with cerebal palsy & a post from all sorts of siblings.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Wash, Rinse, & Repeat

Wash, Rinse, Repeat that's all I seem to be doing lately telling about these orphans over & over again but you know what?




                                                       AND OVER AGAIN

         What about all the hardwork it takes to bring them home?

                                                              Yes it is worth it!

                  These beautiful butterflies are worth it over

And over
                                                                       And over
                                           And over
                                                And over

And over again
Yes these kids are worth it! Want to help? check out the fundraising page to learn more!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My awesome revised fundraiser tab!

So lots has been going on so I decided its time for a change on my fundraiser tab so I added the local fundraisers & the online ones! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!!
My Beautiful butterflies THANK YOU for taking the time to read & support ongoing fundraising efforts!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday-RJ

First of all before I start off the Teamwork Tuesday blogpost I wanted you to be aware of the amazon box to the right. Why did I add it you may ask? Its because everytime someone goes through that link I earn a percentage of your order. I needed to find another helpful way to earn a little extra funds for myself personally & be able to continue helping the families & children of Reece's Rainbow. I'm praying I can get a passport to have ready when I want to travel to Ukraine or Russia someday possibly next year so I am starting to save up for a passport, visa, & plane ticket.
So if you need something from amazon I encourage you to use that box on the right!
On to todays Teamwork Tuesday blogpost!
Meet RJ

RJ, a 3 old boy who needs someone to turn his frown into a smile!
I picture him smiling away playing with his trains on the floor with his new daddy.
He needs a mommy to tell him she loves him for who he is,
to tell him yes he matters,
to cuddle him when he is sad,
that he is a precious child of God.

Would you be his forever family? For more information on adopting this precious guy click on his name.

Meet my new little butterfly

Back in December 2010, a little girl waited & was a part of the Angel Tree Campaign. Her name, Carmen, this precious girl still needed to meet her Angel Tree Goal of $1,000 & was nearly at the bottom with zero to little funds. I put the need out there & that was one of the gifts that made me cry that year. My younger sister donated $15 to help this precious girl as a gift to me. When santa decided to gift us kids each $5 to send to a child in need I helped Pink Princess pick Carmen & if I remember right I picked her too.
I have thought about her every so often & then I saw her face, told myself I need to advocate for her!
She is in the same region as Cora Lynne & CAN BE ADOPTED WITH HER! I don't know what it is with the girls starting with C catching my eyes & heart but I have not seen her being advocated for so its time to step up! Her grant is already $2,316.50.
A lovely little girl whom I am sure would make a great daughter! Their region is pretty easy to adopt from, they just need parents to take that LEAP OF FAITH for them! All the other kids we picked for our Santa presents to go to are home I believe besides Celine, Carmen, & Cora Lynne! Help them to find their forever families!!!
                                Could you not see these two as sisters?