Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day of Prayer for the orphans of Russia|Reeces Rainbow

I just finished my prayer slot & just reflecting on what's gone on this past year is tough but I always feel the parents who had met their children who had to walk away it's harder on them then I as an advocate. Today, one year ago Celine had a matching grant going on & me ever so helpless could not figure out a way to help so I asked my mom who then suggested a day of prayer. So I threw it together last minute, added an event to fb & only 30 or less signed up. I was discouraged but God knew what was about to happen the next day. I mean he must have been laughing at me saying hello, did I not show you already when you had your small amount to offer as a matching grant? This year, I knew the date was fast approaching & as painful as it was I felt like on this date I needed to pray for the girl I dearly love & the orphans stuck in her country. So, up til Midnight EST we are praying for the orphans stuck in Russia, the families this adoption ban impacted, the children who met their families but are now stuck, their government & ours, their president & ours, the orphans still waiting, etc. WE STILL NEED MORE STATES ON THE LIST & MORE TIME SLOTS FILLED! Please, if you can take 1 slot or even two that would mean so much to me! Heres the signup document. EVEN IF IT FILLS UP JUST LEAVE ME A COMMENT HERE LETTING ME KNOW YOUR PRAYING OR COME JOIN US IN PRAYING ON OUR FACEBOOK EVENT HERE. Feel free to pray at any time, this is just something we setup. 
This is what I posted for my time of prayer on facebook:
Only God knew, as I am wondering what to pray for my last few minutes of my 30 min slot (I was late cause I'm visiting CT) I decided to go to my devos to see if their was anything related & for Fridays it was When Life doesn't go according to plan & it sure hit right on the dot. I wanted to share Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his Purpose."

Lastly another sweet angel in another country, earned it's wings & is with Jesus now. We long for the day of Jesus return where their is no more sorrow, no pain, nor death. Ryker, died never knowing the love a family can bring but he was loved even if he never knew it. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stuck|Reeces Rainbow

Stuck in a world without the Love of a family,

Trapped in a world I might lose my life,

Understanding why was my freedom taken away?

Care is what I wish my country could show me.


Praying & hoping someone will show me Love

When will my wish upon a star come true? 

You want to know what it was like for me? I died not knowing the love a family can bring but across the ocean I was LOVED.
Wellness for my health I might never get
Because you denied me that chance,

Even if you think it might be better I die unloved, 

That's where you are wrong.
Laughter, is the best Medicine

Over doses of Hugs can bring a smile to your face

Vacations with family, I will miss

Extra love for what more could you ask for?

October 20th & 21st we are praying for these precious lives & all Impacted by the adoption ban. I'm trying to get a person in every state praying so please if you can signup here with your name, state, & in () put your time zone your praying. PLEASE keep these children in your prayers along with the families who had met their child. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

One Year ago:Saving Celine

One Year ago today, my prayers had been answered unexpectedly in a what I call a God story! My friend Patti wrote this post which would be one of the best moments I ever had with advocating. 
Heres my thoughts from this day last year on my facebook:
Speechless,did not expect or see this coming!
I wrote this post on my blog.
Today I wrote this on my facebook:
One Year ago, today God answered my prayer in an amazing way by offering a matching grant & a Giveaway for my darling Celine when I least expected it. I had raised $104 & wanted to do a match on my own but was not having much luck. Turns out he had bigger plans for that money & that girl. Even though the plan turned out much different then planned I'm truly thankful for the person who offered the match & giveaway prize, & my pal, Patti who lead the giveaway on her blog. Tears as I think about what was suppose to be Saving Celine but turned into saving 3 other girls. I remember the "thousands" Jk lol of people tagging me to make sure I knew as they know how much I love her. I remember the moment my jaw was dropped open as I saw the blogpost about the Giveaway & the tears I shed. Celine, thinking of the miracles that happened this month makes me sad for you but I sure pray you will find a family one way or the other, which ever country.

As I reflect back, I hurt for the girl who felt like my daughter. I long for her to find a family where ever that may be. Precious Princess, I'm greatful that your gift is being used to help 3 girls, one of which whose family will be on their way soon.
Love you always & forever!

Thank you again Patti, for being awesome by running the Giveaway last year & being such a good support when I was advocating for Celine as well as Cora Lynne. You encouraged me on the days I needed to hear it. I want to thank the donor who made it possible, even though the plan turned out differently for this girl you made the difference for 3 other orphans without realizing it.
Happy but sad for this 1 year anniversary but I know God used it for his glory!
Please go signup for my Prayer for the Russia event on fb if your on there or feel free to comment saying you will be praying!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Little bit of everything|Reeces Rainbow

Well, I started this post awhile ago & kept meaning to come back to it. As I looked at the title again & what more I wanted to write about I decided it needed to change.
Just recently we discovered another precious orphan died without the Love of a family. A boy named "Kyle" who had been living in an institution in R. You would think someone would come for him whisk him away from there but yet no one came. Well, surely his country cares right? Nope, if so they would have never had the ban signed. Dear PP, If you think this better than a family I will call you crazy. If I thought the stigma & quality care for special needs children to be adopted in your country or taken home by their birth families was not far into the future I would so not mind that at all. We have a bigger problem here, just look at Kyle.
Kyle, even though you never had an earthly family you had many who thought of you in that way & loved you unconditionally. Now you have freedom to run & play & a heavenly father that loves you. Rest in the arms of Jesus sweet boy! 
Before transfer
And after

On to somewhat of the same topic one year ago yesterday my heart broke for a little girl celebrating another Birthday without a family & I wrote this post. Yesterday, she turned another year older & it hurts. She could have spent her 8th Birthday in the love of a family but because of Mr P who signed the ban she might never know the love of a family. 
My darling daughter of my heart I hope you were Loved, treasured, & cherished with extra hugs or care from your care givers. Know I was thinking of you on your Birthday & still everyday. Love you precious princess! You will always be my shooting star!
In Happy News today marks one year since I welcomed home this sweet Russian girl! Happy One Year Home Sophia! 
Have you seen my Angel Tree warrior child, Joshua?
I'm happy he is up to $18.90 in his grant & can't wait to see it grow during Angel Tree! Why don't you sign up to be an Angel Tree warrior? Loads of kids still need warriors! 
Yesterday was National Cerebal Palsy awareness day, I have awesome friends with it & Brandi has it. She got a new photo not too long ago. I know she does not look very Happy but it still is nice to get an updated photo.

Oh I can't forget October is National Down Syndrome awareness month! I have been sharing photos each day on my personal Instagram of orphans with that extra something awesome! Not to mention of my super amazing sister who rocks that extra something! I'm thankful & blessed to have her as my sister!
Go read my friend Julia's post & enter her Giveaway! Pearson, MET HIS MATCH BUT STILL YOU CAN GIVE!
Yeah, I know this post was all over but these are what I have wanted to write about & can't put into words a post for each one so I decided to just combine into one.
One more request Please keep praying for the orphans stuck in Russia! I have a feeling its time for a day of prayer for the orphans stuck in this world & all the orphans. You never know the power of prayer! I will be working on setting up a official fb event, for the one year anniversary of praying for Celine but for those not on fb, I will post here on October 20th & you can comment which hour you will be praying.