Saturday, February 26, 2011

Only 483 pieces left! we can make this happen!

Hooray we now have 17 pieces filled with names! I want to thank each & every person who has donated or is going to! Quinton, You are Dearly loved by so Many family & friends! I hope this puzzle will be reminder of what Love can do to bring you home! I never could have imagined I would find Reeces Rainbow, find out about the plight of orphans with various special needs overseas, signup to be a warrior for you, you find a family the day the angel tree started,that we would share a common birthday, & that now after emailing back & forth with your mommy that I would feel so connected to you. Another dear friend who has caught the love for Quinton bug posted on my fb that she wishes she could meet you someday after your in the arms of your family. She has donated towards you coming home. She thinks we should both go together, maybe someday my dream will become a reality. I truely Pray that God would make that Happen. This friend also was so excited that she shared all about you & what I am doing with my knitting teacher who is like a grandma to me & then she gives me $10 for your grant. God is doing so many things through my friends for you. If we sell all the remaining pieces thats $2,415 for Quinton to come home!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Gifts of Love Puzzle fundraiser for Quinton

The Giveaway will have to be at a much later date til I get some prizes. The Good News is I have a Puzzle Fundraiser for Quinton! See this lovely puzzle? For every $5 or more donated to the Millers family grant (box at right of page) you can have your name on a back of a puzzle piece so when he gets home he will see the names of all those that helped bring him home. This is a 500 piece puzzle, I already have names for 11 of those so that means we have 489 pieces left to go! If we sold all the remaining pieces thats $2,445 towards him coming home! Come on WE CAN DO THIS!!!
Just donate in the box to the right (the one for Quinton) & it goes directly into his grant fund on Reeces Rainbow. Please post a comment on this post saying your name & last initial, city, State (city & state will not be placed on puzzle but will be sent to the family so they know that they are supported from all over the USA) so that I can put your name on a puzzle piece Donations are tax deductible.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


$13,738 is ONE BIG NUMBER! Thats the remaining funds needed to help bring Quinton home! Please consider donating to his grant fund, their is a box added at the right that goes straight into his grant fund. Donations through Reeces Rainbow are tax deductible. I am hoping to have a yard sale to benefit all 3 of them soon but for now I am doing all I can to fundraise to help my special buddy come home to his Forever Family!

Update on Quintons change campaign

Today I posted to my friends, that I extended the deadline to March 21st for the change campaign for Quinton. I challenged them that if we raise over $250 in change, I would donate any remaining amount of change for another Reeces Rainbow family. shh, the family I have chosen has no idea this is coming! Sadly I am postponing the giveaway til I figure out what I will do for prizes. I really wish I had enough to buy super prizes but I don't so for now the giveaway will be moved til friday hopefully.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

One life can make a difference!

Natalie Grant has a new song called Human, in it she sings about 1 life can make a difference. Its so true, one life is all it takes to make a difference no matter how small! Giveaway starts wednesday & praying God will bring more prizes and that with him we can raise full grants for Celine & Cora Lynne so they have a better chance at finding their forever families! With him we can lift mountains to raise the remaining $13,738 to bring Quinton home to the Miller family!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heart FULL of Love Giveaway date

I think I have come up with a plan for the giveaway, I have decided to start it hopefully February 23rd & end it on March 22nd world national down syndrome day? what do you all think? Is almost 4 weeks too long or do you think it gives more people a chance to find out about it? I have had 1 person step forward for a prize donated for Celine so I will most likely have that seperate so the funds go just for her for that prize. Please contact me if you have a prize to donate for the giveaway. Except the prize for Celine, it will be held as one BIG giveaway like Pattis Pure Love Giveaway. The Miller family adopting Quinton, Celine, & Cora Lynne will all benefit! The Goal is to get them full grants! I know $20,000 is alot but NOTHINGS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!! The HIGHER, the grant, =a better chance at the girls finding families & for Quinton to get home faster! Thanks I appreciate it!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sad news but so much more to do!

See this little boy? This is Dante, who now has joined Sandra in the arms of Jesus. He had a heart condition that could not be fixed in his country, but could have been if he had been adopted here in america. Please pray for these kids to find loving homes! I am fighting for Celine & Cora Lynne will you join me in helping them to find their forever families?? Please consider donating to their grants or donate a prize for the giveaway I hope to host so that these girls won't have the same fate, as Anne Marie, Sandra, or precious Dante.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Amazing things to be done!

God has graciously blessed me with the sweet friends I have, & they have caught the "bug"! What kind of "bug" do you say? Not a real bug or a sickness bug but a "bug" for Quinton & what I am doing! Sunday, one of my besties came up to me all excited about already filling her container for Quinton! The joy in her eyes shared it all that she was happy to help her friend (myself) in my mission to help Quinton come home. Yesterday, i happily brought a heart container for a friend who could not make it to my party & low and behold my small group leader asks about what i am doing. This friend then lets me explain to the group what I am doing, well then the one i brought for the friend gets passed around & change got put in the container. All these ladies, some in various "stages" as we will put it as, decided to help in what a little but "big" thing they could do. I am so thankful for all my friends & that they are helping me to do mighty things! Thank you God for allowing me the blessing of these ladies, & for using me to help others! Quintons mom, know that mighty things are happening here & still more to come! This little boys life will certainly be blessed, please help bring him home!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Heart Full of Love giveaway!

If you or someone you know would like to donate a prize for the giveaway please comment if you have not already. This will be a giveaway for the Miller family, as well as Celine & Cora Lynne so please know the prizes will benefit all of them. I will host a quilt giveaway for the miller family shortly. Nothings Impossible with God! God worked miracles this past week for the orphans on Reeces Rainbows, including the pure love giveaway! Lets see what God could do for Quinton & the miller family, Celine, & Cora Lynne! Please contact me via RR yahoo group (if your a member) if you have a prize to send to me.

Party in Honor of Quinton

So for my birthday, i decided to celebrate not only my birthday but a boy who touched my heart as well. Quinton, words can not express of how I prayed for you & thought of you often as you waited for your family to commit back around October/November when signups for warriors began. When your mom saw my posts, & emailed me saying they were adopting you I was so excited! I decided to do even more fundraising for you, so I decided to ask instead of gifts, for donations for your grant fund. I will have the total amount in your grant soon! As well as that, i started a change campaign for you. Several of my friends sadly could not come to my party but they still wanted to donate to your fund so I will be handing them their change containers this week & next week. Heres my celebration I had for us from my side of the world! Quinton we are praying & fundraising for you to be home for your 2nd Birthday! I hope that I can meet you someday when you are home with your loving family! The one candle represents you turning 1. I sung happy birthday to you later with a dear friend of mine. I was hoping to tape me singing happy birthday via webcam so i could post it on here but i will get a video of myself for you another day!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Quinton!!

Happy Birthday to my special warrior birthday buddy Quinton! I know that today is your 1st birthday, sadly you are not with your family, but I am praying you will be soon! When I signed up to be a christmas warrior, I had decided on Celine but she already had one. God knew I would find you & share a common bond, a birthday. Thing is the day you got placed on the my family page was the day the angel tree started. God then knew I would post on the RR yahoo group all excited about your grant growing & that your mommy would see it. I had fundraised through 2 consignment sales, before i picked you as my warrior child. I still decided to get your ornament & have it on my bulletin board to remind me to pray for you. I know you probably won't have cake and presents this year, no one to sing happy birthday to you. So I will celebrate by singing to you and light a special candle just for you as I celebrate my birthday. Happy 1st Birthday Quinton! from your warrior & birthday buddy, Leah


Tomorrow is my birthday, If I woke up tomorrow & families commited to these sweet princesses it would be my best gift ever!! If your considering adopting one of these precious girls, I will do all I can to help fundraise!! I have been praying, advocating & fundraising for Celine since July/August 2010 & was Cora Lynnes christmas warrior. Why does a 19 yr old do this?? Because I am blessed with my sister, Sarah who has Down Syndrome. Sarah was born right after things got a bit better not sending them away to institutions here in america but even so I know my mom would not send her away even if they had suggested it to her. I love my sister even if it gets hard at times & I hope one day I can adopt one of these kids but for now I can do whatever I can to find them families! Even if you can't adopt right now consider donating to these girls grant funds!
ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS FIND THEM FAMILIES!!! PLEASE HELP THEM FIND THEIR FOREVER FAMILIES BY THE END OF 2011!! My goal would be to have both their grants FULLY FUNDED!!! Yep, you heard me right. Adoption can cost anywhere between $20,000-30,000. Their enough families to adopt, just not enough funds. Hoping to host a giveaway soon! Please comment, follow, & continue to check my blog for an update! Thanks! Leah

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pure love giveaway

No, i am not announcing the giveaway for the girls yet but I am sharing with you another one. This lady has been an inspiration for me as she keeps on advocating & fundraising for these kids.
Please check out