Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 bucks, 5 friends=full grant for celine!

This is a idea i took from another organization that did this. If you donate $5 & get 5 friends to do the same & so forth we could have a full grant for Celine! Please spread the word about my fundraisers for Celine! Every little bit helps to find Celine a family!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Teens do inspire kids lifes!

So since seeing this video here as inspiration to me as a teen just out of high school it makes me realize what I can do to make the world a better place!
Its also making me "fight" to save Celine & Quinton, by trying to fundraise, get more followers on my blog to read my posts, more & more for a family for them both! Its especially important since Celine will be or already is 5 & facing the instituion! PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING OR SPREADING THE WORD ABOUT CELINE!!! EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!!! Heres my inspiring pictures hard at work of raising funds for Celine & Quinton! I have done just between friends in the past making $1,000 for charity one sale a couple years ago & they now have added a new sale for my local area. Last fall I made a $112 for RR, well I decided that I wanted to share it between Celine & Quinton so when the angel tree starts I will be adding it to their grant funds and get a lovely ornament with their picture to put on our family tree.
I have probably half of the "inventory" this next consignment sale coming up soon with proceeds benefiting both their funds!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Time is of the essence!

Yes, time is of the essence for this little girl! She as AT RISK of facing the institution soon or she may already be there! Please consider donating to her grant, every little bit helps her find a family that may not be able to afford her adoption otherwise so please spread the word about celine & my fundraisers! I may be offering a special gift basket for the "who has the best smile contest?" as my friend & I have conspired ideas but we will see. I have an etsy & will be putting more items up hopefully soon so if interested in that go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/knitgirl15
Christmas will be here before you know it & I am helping celine during the holidays as well as being a christmas warrior for Quinton (little ones-2) so shop for gifts for friends, family,etc. If I raise over $1000 for each of their grants I will donate to one of the commited RR families (or who knows maybe more!). Post her button, blog about celine, email friends & family, spread the word on fb, whatever possible so that this girl has a family by next christmas or before then! If you can't help with her grant fund than pray she has a family soon!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life is so precious

Today Reeces Rainbow lost a sweet little angel named Anne Marie. I have never met her as well as many of the families on RR but she sounded like such a sweet girl from all the people who did get to meet her when adopting their children. So many prayed & advocated for her, so much that it has made the advocating for other children in dire risk of facing the institution so high. Please consider donating to Celine (or any of the others on RR!) grant fund in Honor of this precious angel in heaven! Pass the word on your blogs,fb,friends,family,etc to raise awareness on all the Reeces Rainbow kids waiting for families!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I so wish I was already older & married so I could adopt this precious little girl. I wish my older sister & brother-in-law would bring her home or another friend. Oh I know several friends that would bring her home in a heartbeat if they could but thus they can't for this reason or that reason. I would love to meet & snuggle with her showing how much I am doing for her right now to find a home! Just looked at her birth date on her profile & although it does not say a date it says the year 2005 of this month which means she has either turned 5 or will in the coming days so she is facing the institution or has already been transfered! Please pray that she can still be adopted from the institution & that a forever family will commit to her soon! Please spread the word about my blog, fundraiser contest, & her button at the right side by posting on your blog, fb, twitter, etc.! Its not only national down syndrome month but her birthday month as well so please help me find her a family!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Smiling for Celine

So I have decided to host a smile picture contest as a fun event! Their will be no prize but it all goes to a great cause right?? The "entry" into this contest is at least a $5 donation towards Celines grant fund & a picture of you or your kids (or family picture!) with your best smile! all my RR friends please send me your picture of you or your kids to see "who has the best smile?" contest in honor of Celine via yahoo group! Please donate your donation of $5 or more through chipin which will send it to her grant account or through her RR page!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What do you think?

Hey everyone! Trying this out to see what you think. I thought smiles for celine was a great name for the blog, now thinking of some fundraisers to do on the blog so what do you think I should do?