Thursday, October 21, 2010

Teens do inspire kids lifes!

So since seeing this video here as inspiration to me as a teen just out of high school it makes me realize what I can do to make the world a better place!
Its also making me "fight" to save Celine & Quinton, by trying to fundraise, get more followers on my blog to read my posts, more & more for a family for them both! Its especially important since Celine will be or already is 5 & facing the instituion! PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING OR SPREADING THE WORD ABOUT CELINE!!! EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!!! Heres my inspiring pictures hard at work of raising funds for Celine & Quinton! I have done just between friends in the past making $1,000 for charity one sale a couple years ago & they now have added a new sale for my local area. Last fall I made a $112 for RR, well I decided that I wanted to share it between Celine & Quinton so when the angel tree starts I will be adding it to their grant funds and get a lovely ornament with their picture to put on our family tree.
I have probably half of the "inventory" this next consignment sale coming up soon with proceeds benefiting both their funds!

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